Bike-in Movie at Whole Foods – The Breakfast Club

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Unfortunately, I am not participating in my regular Wednesday post of WIAW. I didn’t realize that I forgot to record my full days’ eats until yesterday afternoon and by then it was already too late. For me, anyway. So I’m gonna share with you guys what I did last night instead! While I was at my internship, Facebooking and whatnot, I stumbled upon an event that Whole Foods in Lincoln Park was hosting: a ride-in bike movie. First of the three series and the movie of the night was The Breakfast Club. This made me happy because I still have NOT seen the movie (I know, I know) but I knew it’s about time I submerge myself in the classics. I’m usually not a big fan of older movies so I’ve been straying from watching any older classics but I thought last night that was about to change.

I asked my current and prior roommates to come with me and they excitedly agreed. I haven’t been to that Whole Foods before but it was in a neighborhood I like (lots of shopping!) so I was open to checking it out anyway. We got to the store at 8pm and were surprised to find a legit BAR! People were hanging out and drinking and eating at a freaking Whole Foods! How cool is that? Seriously, like, I was so amazed. We decided to buy some beers in the store for ourselves to drink on the roof and went upstairs, got our chairs and beers and were ready for the movie to begin.

Well, I guess what I got wouldn’t be considered beer by some, but whatever. Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider (5% alc) was freaking delicious! Meredith and I got a four pack to split. Ashley got some other crazy beer but I don’t remember the name.

Meredith and I

The movie was being shown on a huge blow up screen on the roof. On the one side you could see the sunset and it was gorgeous. We all thought it would have been a nice date spot. Too bad we’re all single, haha, but that’s what you have your friends for right? Girl-Date-Night 🙂

The view on the other side was breathtaking – downtown Chicago. While I live in the very heart of downtown, I don’t get to see the gorgeous view of the cityscape too often. Too bad I didn’t bring my dSLR, I would have taken some better pictures. Oh well.

During the movie, I had to get up twice to go into the store cause I was pretty cold (the temperature dropped to like 63F). Let me tell you, going to Whole Foods while tipsy is not a good idea. I wanted to just start buying everything! So many cool healthy products, ahhh. This is why I don’t go to Whole Foods that often – that place is too awesome. Fortunately, I didn’t end up buying anything else, mainly because the event was also sponsored by Clif Bars and I got some freebies from them in case I got hungry (I didn’t, thankfully, got enough calories from the cider, haha)

I got so cold toward the end of the movie, I had to go ahead and get myself a hot tea. Decaf green tea #teatime12 to warm me up.

Such an awesome night. I actually LIKED the movie even though it was an oldie. I can see what all of the fuss was about!  I’ll be coming back to their August movie showing for sure and this time I’ll bring my dSLR so I can take some better pictures 🙂 I’m also on a look out for more awesome events around Chicago to check out so if you’re from the area and you know of any, let me know 😉


Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. What an awesome event! I love the Breakfast Club. I wrote an essay about it and other John Hughes 80’s teen films for my degree 😉

  2. Cool event! You’re lucky you have that kind of thing near you. I’ve only seen half of The Breakfast Club, but I liked that half! Also, you and your roommate are super cute. 🙂

    • Thanks Chelsea 🙂 You should see the whole thing, it’s really cool. I still have to watch Sixteen Candles and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And some other ones Meredith told me about but I don’t remember the titles haha.

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