5 Steps To Finding Exercise That Is Fulfilling and FUN!

When it comes to moving your butt, I hear a variety of limiting beliefs. “I can’t lose weight walking”. “I don’t have time” “I’ve tried everything and I hate it all.” Does this sound familiar? We get stuck in ruts and tend to just do what everyone doing. We forget why […]

3 ways to turn your desk into a yoga prop (with video!)

As soon as the clock struck 11:50 every Monday or Wednesday afternoon, I shoved my leggings into my purse, left the office, and headed across the street to practice yoga. It was a totally new world, but I decided to try it out as an act of desperation. At 22, I felt like […]

5 Must-Have Gifts for a Fitness Girl from Lorna Jane

We’re in gift shopping season. It’s in full swing. And that’s exciting because that means companies are putting together some great deals… and with it, awesome gift guides. I don’t know why – but I really like gift guides. They help me a lot. If you agree, then yay! I […]