What I Ate Wednesdays #1

Hello! Today is my first time participating in WIAW and I am so excited. Not because I’m like a star eater and I freaking rock at eating and boom, be jealous, I had this and that for lunch and I managed to resist all cravings and I ate so perfectly clean […]

What foods I refuse to eat that others love

Everyone is different – we all like different things, ranging from clothes, style, food, and more. But today, you guessed it, I’m going to be talking about food. People are often pretty amazed at the things I refuse to eat as they are often considered “delicious” by many. Especially Americans. […]

Trader Joe’s grocery trip

Today was laundry and grocery day. It was about time to get some spring cleaning done. The fridge definitely needed refilling also. Trader Joe’s is my absolute favorite grocery store ever. Not only does it have a lot of various healthy and organic products, they are also very affordable. Some […]

Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

Everyone has their own perfect comforting yet easy breakfast. Lately, I have really been loving this sweet potato hash with eggs and onions. I randomly came up with this one morning when I was wondering what to make for breakfast after a strength training session. I wanted carbs. I wanted […]