Trader Joe’s grocery trip

Today was laundry and grocery day. It was about time to get some spring cleaning done. The fridge definitely needed refilling also. Trader Joe’s is my absolute favorite grocery store ever. Not only does it have a lot of various healthy and organic products, they are also very affordable. Some […]

Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes

I’m making two posts in one day, that’s what’s up! This is how you know I’m excited to be a new blogger. Anyways, we bought a big bottle of Bailey’s yesterday at Costco because I knew I wanted to bake some things with it while I was still in the […]

Beautiful day for strawberries

We bought a box of strawberries yesterday at Trader Joe’s and today I decided to treat myself to a delicious breakfast. Yeah, I eat sweet foods all the time, so what I had for breakfast you could easily have as dessert. I take a cup of 2% cottage cheese, slice […]