Intuitive Eating

Stop Judging Yourself for What You Crave

Stop judging yourself. Because food is neither good nor bad. Food is food and itis meant to satisfy us and make us feel good. There is no point in feeling guilty about eating something “we shouldn’t be eating” if it has made us feel GOOD whilst eating it. There should […]

The Shocking Truth about Dieting

You are about to uncover the shocking truth behind diets. I did a presentation about this exact topic for a class last semester but the video wasn’t very good so I wasn’t gonna share that with you. However, the other day Lindsay posted some wonderful links to bloggers who inspired […]

Where I currently stand with Intuitive Eating

A few months ago, I gave up on dieting and picked up the Intuitive Eating book. The book was very eye opening and enlightening. The intuitive eating approach seemed like the perfect approach for me – I like food, I have a history of losing and gaining weight, and the […]