Intuitive Eating

The best advice for stopping binge eating

Wanna know what the most amazing piece of advice for stopping binge eating is? Keep reading to learn this powerful tactic you can apply to your life TODAY. I listened to the most amazing podcast the other day. Well, I guess it wasn’t technically a podcast. It was a part […]

Stop Judging Yourself for What You Crave

Stop judging yourself. Because food is neither good nor bad. Food is food and itis meant to satisfy us and make us feel good. There is no point in feeling guilty about eating something “we shouldn’t be eating” if it has made us feel GOOD whilst eating it. There should […]

5 Tips for Eating Mindfully (and feeling better) during the Holidays

The holiday season is so often a time of sensory overload. Almost everywhere we go, we are confronted with loud noises, strong scents and excessive visual stimulation. At the same time, it’s supposed to be a season of hope, joy love appreciation and gratitude. It seems to me that the simple step of taking a timeout from the chaos by being mindful when we eat can be a great way to refresh, regenerate and revive amidst the chaos.