Intuitive Eating

Emotional Eating and How to Stop

[youtube] Hey guys, I have an update on my Intuitive Eating journey for you guys. As you may remember from my breakthrough, I decided to take the process slowly in order to fully understand and embrace it. I didn’t want to read the whole book cover to cover right away […]

I am giving up

Video caution: Profanity ahead.  [youtube] Picking up Intuitive Eating was a great choice. I feel like I really needed to do this. I am surrendering myself to the tactics of the book. I am ready to fix my relationship with food and my body. I am throwing out all […]

Don’t beat yourself up

Hello readers, Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday so far. Today, I wanted to talk about something a lot of us do. This doesn’t just apply to dieters – people trying to lose weight, get fit, eat healthier – but also those of us who are planners, achievers, and […]