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The 10 Most Popular Nail Polish Trends of 2017

As girls, we are always looking for new ways to look great. With companies constantly presenting new colors and looks, it can sometimes get difficult to cut through the marketing fluff and see what really looks good. So I made it easy for you, and compiled a list of the 10 most popular […]

Friendsgiving at our apartment 2013

Friendsgiving dinner at our new apartment – 2013. New tradition has been born! Friday, November 22 2013. This is the date the first Friendsgiving was experienced by me. This was also the first “real” Thanksgiving dinner I ever had. The true American way. Check out how Polish people spend their […]

Healthy Living Summit in Twin Cities, MN

Hey everyone! I finally made it back home from my extended weekend in Minnesota! As promised, I have a full recap for you of my time there – starting with the very reason for going aka Healthy Living Summit 2013! My mom had a symposium in Bloomington, MN that Monday […]