Crock Pot Caramelized Onions - So Easy but So Good!! #recipe

Crock Pot Caramelized Onions {easy recipe}

Ohh my goodness, you guys! Alright seriously though – I love caramelized onions. Love Love Love! I used to love raw onions too but I found that each time I had raw onions, or even onions that were thrown in for an omelette, my tummy would not be very happy […]

Sunny Side Sweet Potato Fries - a healthier twist on an Irish brunch recipe

Sunny Side Sweet Potato Fries

This is an Irish breakfast dish that has been made healthier. These Sunny Side Fries include delicious spicy baked sweet potato fries and they are topped with an egg sunny side up for the perfect drip of yolk.  As I mentioned in my recent post, I am trying to eat […]

Vegan Butternut Chili - Healthy Crock Pot Recipe

Vegan Butternut Chili {Healthy Crock Pot Recipe}

This comforting and healthy Crock Pot recipe will make you all warm and fuzzy inside without feeling weighed down by heavy ingredients. This Vegan Crock Pot Butternut Chili is a fantastic way to warm up on a chilly evening. Delicious! I am patting myself on the back for actually making […]

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