Chocolate Chia Pudding

Today I am sharing something that tastes so indulgent but is actually really good for you. Don’t you love those treats? They are just the best. I sometimes get random night cravings – they suck. I’ll eat perfectly well all day but then as soon as night hits, I get […]

PROBAR Fruition Superfood Snack Review & Giveaway!

I have something totally awesome to talk about today with you lovelies. Well, I just got a package full of awesomeness. What, you might ask? It’s the PROBAR Fruition Superfood snacks. Since I’ve been on an energy bar kick lately, this one is perfect. It’s actually much different from any […]

Pre-Workout Eats and Perfect Fuel Chocolates

Although I mostly do my workouts right as I wake up in the morning, I do designate some times when I workout later in the day. Usually, that includes zumba classes, boxing classes, or yoga. Sometimes I sprinkle in some other classes for variety. But yeah, most of the time […]

What vitamins do I take?

Hey guys! I thought I would share with you today what vitamins I take on a frequent basis. People are often curious (I know I am) of what vitamins people take and what each vitamin does… what’s the point of taking vitamins, or what are some good brands of vitamins […]

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