Chilled Soup

How to Make Chilled Pear Soup

A chilled pear soup is not a routine soup variety – it’s an unpredictable, but delicious way to complement a meal. This mouthwatering recipe’s peppercorns add a tropical angle to the fruit, with blue cheese putting forward a lively compliment. Let’s see how to make this soup. Ingredients Needed The […]

How to Make Chilled Watermelon Soup

The chilled watermelon soup goes quite well with cakes. The soup is not common; in fact, most discover the soup only at a local restaurant or a friend’s dinner party. It’s so delicious – most end up trying one at home. If you are interested in making this soup, keep […]

chilled peach soup

How to Make Chilled Peach Soup

In addition to eating fresh peaches, many people have been relishing peach smoothies, peach crisps, and the chilled peach soup. This tangy and cool soup is ideal for balmy summer days, and the cold nature of the soup also keeps many from eating a lot of ice creams. The best […]