chicken chowder soup

How to Make Chicken Chowder

A chicken chowder is easy to make with a slow cooker or a stove top. The following are the instructions on how to make chicken chowder. Ingredients 4 skin removed, bone in chicken thighs Black pepper and kosher salt Butter – 4 tablespoons Vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon Chopped sweet […]

oyster showder soup

How to Make Oyster Chowder

For those people who simply cannot resist the clam chowder, the version with the oysters is worth a try. The oyster chowder dish is enriched with wine, cream and vegetables. Let’s see how it’s made. Ingredients Bacon – 4 slices, coarsely chopped Sweet onion (1) – finely diced 1 thinly […]

conch chowder soup

How to Make Conch Chowder

Conch chowder is an iconic soup that’s popular in Caicos and Turks Islands as well as the Bahamas. The conch is combined with celery, carrots, fresh herbs and onions. One could also add some hot sauce for an extra kick. Though the soup isn’t exclusively enjoyed by Bahamians, they seem […]

How to Make Salmon Chowder

Eating good and tasty meals helps to keep you healthy. There are several foods you can eat but there are just a few that can always appeal to you even when you are not hungry. Salmon Chowder is one of such foods. It originated in New England and was popularly […]