Cheapest Countries to Live In the European Union

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The European Union has 28 countries. As a result, most countries are viewed as expensive and costly to live in.

However, this is not entirely true. There are countries in the EU that are surprisingly cheap to live in. In these countries, you can live and enjoy life on a low budget without compromising on quality.

Below is a list of the cheapest EU countries to live in:

1. Romania

Romania cost of living is the number one reason why it is considered a cheap EU country. The cost of housing, food, transport, healthcare, and utilities is relatively low.

Despite the country being in the EU, Romania does not use the Euro as its official currency. This helps reduce the fluctuation of the currency and curb inflation. The country has unmatched beauty.

It has mountains, seas, and plains. It also offers easy opportunities to acquire citizenship even if you do not belong to the EU nations.

2. Bulgaria

The country has perfect weather all year round. The natural beauty also enhances this making it popular for amazing destinations.

The weather enables those living here to enjoy different exciting activities such as skiing in the winter and beach activities in summer. It has minimal bureaucracy when it comes to the registration for residence for all nationals.

The country has a very low population and many employment opportunities. The low prices of food, rent, and transport make it affordable for all to live in.

3. Budapest

Budapest offers the most iconic views and features due to its landscape. It has an all year round weather that is favorable to all ages.

Retirees and people looking to change their expensive way of life should come here. The country has subsidized costs. It also has great entertaining places to visit.

Check this short travel guide about Budapest below: 

Its strategic location also makes it ideal to start and run a business that serves the other EU nations.

4. Czech Republic

This country has many affordable towns with attractive real estate bargains. This country in the middle of Europe also easily accessible through all means of transport.

This eases movement around and outside its borders easy. The town has a lovely sea line that creates a perfect environment for those looking for serene spaces to settle in.

Czech can be ideal for the adventure lovers too who would sail for miles and travel for life while maintaining their accounts at the minimum.

5. Georgia

This hidden beauty is not known to many. The country has a rich history and culture that attracts all around it.

Its affordable cost of living keeps those attracted around for longer. The country has very few requirements for residence purposes making it easier for other nationals to live in. It also enjoys EU protection making it a safe trade spot for you.

6. Portugal

Of all the listed countries, Portugal is one of the most expensive cheap countries. Best known for its Atlantic Ocean uniqueness, the country also offers great opportunities to live and work. 

Its major towns, Porto and Lisbon, can be expensive, but other small ones are quite affordable. Its amazing weather throughout the year makes it a preferred destination by many.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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