Chocolate Chip Protein Pancake (Gluten-Free and Almost Paleo) and other things I ate on my 23rd birthday

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Scroll down for the yummy breakfast recipe I had on my birthday: the Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes that tasted more like cookies 😉 Yum!


23 is not a huge number but it definitely makes everything seem a lot more real.

181171_10101060187857060_1358424132_n I guess I am no longer a child. Far from it. I don’t really want to be a full-on grow up yet though. I’d say I’m very independent and responsible, definitely much more responsible than many 23 year olds I know, but still… I don’t feel like a full-on adult yet.

I don’t do too many WIAW type posts and I realize I did one yesterday about my pre-birthday celebration I had with my parents on Sunday but what the heck, I’ll share my actual birthday goodness with you guys too.

I woke up a little groggy from having a few drinks last night at a networking event but after laying in bed for a few minutes, reading some Facebook notifications, I went to the kitchen to start the day with some pancakes!

And because I don’t know how to make actual pancakes, I made myself protein pancakes. //  gluten free chocolate chip protein pancake

I wasn’t going to post a recipe but since a few of you asked about it on my Facebook page I decided to include it after all. It was so incredibly filling and delicious. I love melty chocolate so these pancakes definitely set the mood for the rest of the day. It was awesome. //  gluten free chocolate chip protein pancake

My Chocolate Chip Protein Pancake was also gluten free & almost paleo! And I topped it with a PB2/Coffee Glaze.

It was pretty darn good 🙂


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Sorry that the measurements aren’t exact, I tend to just kind of wing it when I make a protein pancake. And yes, I prefer to make myself one big ass pancake rather than divide it into two smaller ones. I like to have my pancake big and fluffy and almost like a big cookie. Plus it’s faster to make one pancake than two!

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Do you usually make a few smaller pancakes or do you make one big pancake?

This big ass pancake was so filling I could barely finish my tea afterwards. Oopsies. //  g

At work, Jane and I went to I Dream of Falafel for some lunch. Thank you Jane for lunch, it was sweet of you to get it for me!

This place is SO delicious, it’s like a Chipotle but with Mediterranean food.

photo 1

Can’t really see it on the picture but it’s a plate with roasted hummus, baba ganouj, fire roasted beef, red cabbage and some other veggies and a pita on the side. You get to pick and choose whatever you want in your plate so it’s pretty awesome! It was aaaaaaaaahmazing.

I planned on working out after work but I accidentally took a longer nap when I got home so that didn’t happen. I was waiting for my phone to charge but during that I just kind of drifted off.. for a full hour! Oops. By the time I woke up it was almost time to go to the ladies night birthday dinner we had planned.

The place we went to is called Crepe Bistro and I was there once before that’s why I recommended it. They have $5 martinis and they have so many different kinds plus who doesn’t love crepes?! The restaurant is very small but cute, it is a fusion of French and Russian so it is an interesting combination.

Jane, Ashley, me, and Jane

The first round of martinis: Jane and I went for the mint chocolate martini which was lusciously decadent and smooth. Ashley went for a peach martini which was also amazing, and a perfect balance of sweet and tangy, and Jenni went for pomegrantini.

photo 2

The food finally arrived and I was super excited for my nutella and strawberry stuffed crepes.

If you don’t already know this, Nutella is crack… but it is SO delicious. Perfect for a special occasion! I loved it!

Definitely a sugar-filled dinner but I didn’t care, I had a great time.

photo 4

Another round of martinis included a peach martini for me, dirty martini for Jenni, appletini for Ash, and Jane held onto her drink because she was on sugar overload.

photo 5

After the awesome dinner, Ashley and I went home and we watched 5 Year Engagement for free (courtesty of RedBox’s free code for my birthday). I really wanted to see this movie, it looks hilarious in the previews.

But ummm…

Okay, so I love Jason Segal and all, he is totally my guy friend-crush but even his charm did not make me love this movie. He did great, there were a lot of funny actors in the movie but I just wasn’t feeling it.


The thing about the 5 Year Engagement is that this movie is just WAY too long. It was also kind of boring.

There were some funny parts but seriously, they could have cut it in half and it would have probably been much better.

Questions for you:

  • Do you usually make a few smaller pancakes or do you make one big pancake?

  • Have you seen the 5 Year Engagement?

  • Do you like martinis? What’s your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. Looks like you had a very sweet birthday! happy happy!

  2. Love the pancake recipe! They look delicious. Glad to hear you had a great birthday!

  3. Aww I’m glad you had some celebratory drinks for your 23rd! You deserve it 🙂 I almost always make one massive pancake, it’s so much more fun that way right? And I adore crepes, thanks for suggesting Crepe Bistro…I added it to my must-try list.

  4. I have wanted to see 5 Year Engagement for a VERY LONG TIME and you just convinced me that it’s TIME! I need to find a RED BOX asap! 🙂

    And holy moly, did you have a delicious celebration! Your pancakes look especially scrumptious! I personally love HUGE pancakes… and a lot of them, LOL!!! 😉 Go big or go home, right?

  5. The pancake looks amazing!! I have to try it tomorrow morning!!! Your birthday day looks like it was so much fun!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  6. Happy belated birthday beauty! I can’t believe I’ll be turning 23 this year as well! It does feel like a really grown up age ha. I haven’t seen the 5 year engagement! I definitely thought it would be good because of the actors in it, too bad it wasn’t the best though.

  7. Happy birthday!! Those pancakes look yummy. I love appletini’s!

  8. I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday! I normally make one big pancake, too, (and I’m a sweet meal person, all the way) but I’ve been pancake failing lately. I just saw the 5 year engagement last week and have to agree that it wasn’t great (though it wasn’t terrible).

  9. I love your pancakes and this one looks delicious. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day.

  10. I try for one big pancakes, but in the flippoing process it usually gets broken in half. 🙂

    Love martinis – a little dirty with a blue cheese stuffed olive.

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  12. Hope you enjoyed your Bday!

  13. I don’t mind putting peanut butter on top of everything… especially pancakes! (:

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  16. Could you sub whole wheat flour for almond flour?

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