Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pudding

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This protein pudding is super easy to make and I make it all the time – I like to use it as pudding by itself or as dip for muffins.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pudding Recipe

I randomly made this protein pudding. I didn’t realy know what to expect out of it but oh man, I have been addicted to this creation ever since. It works especially well with the chocolate zucchini protein mini muffins I made a while back (yeah, I’m only now finishing them – the beauty of baking and cooking for one person).

I don’t usually like eating muffins or anything alone. I felt like these muffins definitely needed something on the side. I ate it with plain yogurt a few times but I ran out of yogurt and purchased organic kefir recently so I thought I would use that.

The consistency of kefir by itself is pretty liquidy and it was too liquidy for me to use as a dip for the muffins. So I thought I should thicken it up. Plus, since I always get the plain flavored ones, flavoring it up wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Out came this addicting delicious pudding. Packed with protein. So good!


Works especially well with my chocolate zucchini protein mini muffins.

Nutritional Facts: ~260 calories, 28 g protein!

Kammie wants to know:

  • Do you like to put add-ins to your yogurt concoctions?

  • What would you like to use this pudding with, as a dip?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  2. Your on a chocolate protein kick! I love it! Going to try your dip, it sounds yummy!!

  3. this looks like it was made for me. I make chocolate zucchini muffins a lot, but haven’t added a sauce! Great idea. I bet a peanut sauce would be tasty too…

  4. We are so on the same wavelength! I recently discovered PB2 and I’ve been making something really similar with coconut yogurt. It’s so good and completely satisfies my sweet tooth.

  5. I love a good protein treat!
    and your muffins look so good 😉

  6. I sooooo have to get me some of that chocolate stevia!!! I bet this is fabulous and super healthy, too! PB2 rocks! Thanks for sharing your yummy creation at Fit and Fabulous Fridays! 🙂

  7. Oh my this pudding looks so scrumptious. I love all of the healthy ingredients you used. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe on Allergy-Free Wednesdays!

  8. OMG, I am making this tonight!

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