Chocolate Protein Oatmeal

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I read somewhere recently that one of the only times you can literally eat whatever you want is after an intense workout. They even recommended to eat chocolate. I’d love to link the article but I have no idea where it is now. The information really stuck though. So I thought, what better way to refuel after a morning weight training session than with oatmeal and chocolate? Not to mention the delicious protein your muscles crave.

I usually make my oatmeal in the microwave but after making them on the stove, I think I am sold. They come out so creamy and delicious – so much better than from the microwave. My parents had a point when they decided to throw their microwave out – that thing is not comparable to the stove at all… or at least, not when making oatmeal!

Chocolate. Protein. Oatmeal. Vegan. No sugar added. What can be better?

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Nutritional value per recipe: 315 calories, 20 grams of protein

This is really filling for me and I was only able to eat half. So servings depend on how hungry you are, I guess? 🙂

Kammie wants to know:

  • How often do you eat oatmeal?

  • Do you add anything to your oatmeal or do you prefer to eat it plain?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. I make this (almost) exact recipe several mornings a week. I love it! I usually use carob chips as a topping, or stir in some Greek yogurt to make it really creamy. But I’ve never understood the whole “using milk as a topping” thing … maybe I should try? Hmmmm…

    • I just swish it around since the oatmeal itself is so thick, the liquid makes it back to a more creamier state. But it could be because that’s how my mom taught me to do it. I haven’t tried it with Greek yogurt yet, do you top it with it or do you stir it in during cooking?

  2. Yum, this looks great! We never bought a microwave when we moved into our current flat and we really don’t miss it! I doubt we’ll buy one when we move.

    I love having oatmeal with a bit of nutella stirred through. Probably not quite as healthy as your recipe but so good!

    • Omg I can’t even eat Nutella because it’s like crack to me. I can’t just stop at one spoonful! Too delicious.

      & microwaves aren’t good for us anyway, so it’s awesome that you don’t use them now. My parents don’t either and it’s really just a matter of getting used to. Thanks for commenting!

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  4. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us last week on AFW! Be sure to check back this week for reader favorites and hostess picks.

    Be Well,
    –Amber & AFW Hostesses

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