Cinnamon Apple Cake with Chocolate Chips

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She’s done it again.

Cinnamon Apple Cake with dark Chocolate Chips - get the recipe at

My mom, that is. You remember my Mom’s love for making apple desserts, right? After I made a Traditional Polish Apple Pie (Szarlotka), she got inspired and she created a Honey Szarlotka with Raisins & Nuts. She liked the apple pies so much, she created more cakes with apples for Easter – namely the Apple Poppy Seed cake with Chocolate Glaze (which was to-die-for!) and the Apple Crumb Cake (another amaaaazing creation, this is not the apple crumb cake you’re used to!). I just love Polish cake recipes and I don’t know anyone who makes them better than my Mom does!

Cinnamon Apple Cake with Chocolate Chips (all natural) by sensua

We had a bunch of uneaten apple slices from a Sunday before Memorial Day weekend because our sandwiches and eggs during our mini picnic had us pretty pretty full. The time for apples just never came, especially since our mini-adventure through North Illinois was cut short due to rain. So the following day, Memorial Day Monday, we had a big bowl of sliced apples ready to be eaten… or ready to be used in a cake! A lightbulb went off in my Mom’s head and she created the Cinnamon Apple Cake with Chocolate Chips. And let me tell you, she did GOOD and she did it well.


I sprinkled some cinnamon on top of the slice for the photos but I think the cake is cinnamony enough. I personally am a HUGE cinnamon fanatic. I seriously put it in everything. Any sweet thing, I’ll put cinnamon in there. I love it for the great health benefits and the flavor. It’s just perfect!

Cinnamon Apple Cake with Chocolate Chips (all natural) by sensua


I think this Cinnamon Apple Cake was a big success! I loved the big apple chunks, they added a great deal of moisture to the cake and the dark chocolate chips added a whole other dimension to the cake -a complexity that’s impossible to replicate without the use of dark chocolate, I think. If you are a chocolate lover, you will understand what I mean here 😉 Chocolate Power! Woop! I highly recommend you to try this apple cake recipe! It’s a must.

Kammie wants to know:

  • How often do you use cinnamon?
  • What is your favorite apple + something combination?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. Your mum certainly did good. The cake looks gorgeous. I love the combination of flavours, apple and cinnamon is an all time favourite of mine and chocolate, well, we will always have a love affair 😀

  2. I’m pretty sure that my mom’s Polish cakes are part of the reason that I look forward to the holidays so much… especially when it comes to the ones that have apples. I’m pretty much like you are with cinnamon – I’ll put it on anything sweet, and I’ll often make excuses to eat sweet lunches or dinners just so I can satisfy a cinnamon craving. As for apples, I love the popular nut butter and apple combo, but I’d have to say that my absolute favorite is plain Greek yogurt with homemade applesauce… and cinnamon 😉

  3. Yum this looks delicious! I think I love apple cinnamon all the way! I love cinnamon in my yoghurt bowl mix ups and also my smoothies.

  4. This is a beautiful apple cake. I love almost anything with apples in it, so it’s hard to name a favorite. I’d love to try this recipe, for sure.

  5. Looks delicious 🙂 I guess I’ve got to reserve time for weekend 😀

  6. Ohhhhh boy. Not only does this look fantastic, but I just so happen to have a bunch of apples sitting around in my fridge that I’m not entirely sure if I’ll ever get around to eating (so much other good fruit right now!). AND I have a get-together to bake for in a couple of weeks! Perfect. Perfect perfect perfect. Can’t wait to try this out!

  7. Yum, cinnamon and apple, a great combination. We have 5 apple trees, so this recipe will be used this fall! Thanks for sharing.!

    • Ohhh I wish we still had an apple tree. We had 4 or 5 back when we lived in Poland as well as cherry trees. I miss it. I have a lot more Apple Cake recipes on this blog so be sure to check out the others as well 🙂 Enjoy and thank you for the comment! xo

  8. I’m definitely trying this recipe!

  9. Oh wow that looks amazing! I love apples and cinnamon. I love the little added bit of chocolate added to this. I am a simple girl and love my apple pie, with some cold ice cream on top. I use cinnamon several times a month when baking, and also use them in pancakes, or when the kids want cinnamon/sugar toast

  10. G’day! LOVE apple cinnamon, choc chips, TRUE!
    I would love to have a slice of this now too!
    Cheers! Joanne
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  11. This looks so good! I love apples! I am sharing this on Walking on Sunshine FB page today at 10:30. Thank you for linking up with Foodie Friends Friday. Please come back and VOTE on Sunday for your favorite.

  12. This cake looks and sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday!

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