Coconut Orange Date Balls

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These Coconut Orange Date Balls are a delicious healthy vegan snack recipe – they are gluten free and easy to make with all real ingredients. Plus this is a no-bake recipe! Enjoy!

Every since I started this blog, I have been trying new things even more frequently. I always liked trying new things but those new experiences usually happened in restaurants or at events. I am finally starting new things in the kitchen. New ingredients, new products, new recipes. I’m really loving it! I can’t say I feel like a housewife just yet, but I am definitely enjoying my time in the kitchen much more than I used to. I am really enjoying taking time in creating deliciousness and having other people say that they actually like them! It warms my heart.

I bought a bunch of dates a week or two ago because of all the wonderful recipes I have been finding that call for dates. As soon as I bought them, however, I realized I didn’t save any of these awesome recipes. The search begun. I found some pretty cool recipes and mainly it was for these date balls. I thought, why not? I have never even tried dates before so why not just make pretty coconut coated balls out of them? I also had some oranges in stock so why not add those into the mix? How many flavors can you combine? Ha!

So this was my first time trying dates. I don’t know how they taste like by themselves. They are not the most attractive looking fruit so I wanted to wait till they were in a prettier shape.

What did I think of the result?

It was fantastic. Really. I was actually really surprised how super sweet these turned out without even adding any sugar!

Actually, for my own taste buds, these are a little bit too sweet. But my taste buds like stuff much less sweet than any of my friends soo yeah. But wow. These actually reminded me of caramel for some reason? They are super chewy and delicious. Such a wonderful raw treat!

Dates are definitely not the prettiest, but boy, are they the sweetest?!

I finally got a food processor! I went with a Hamilton Beach processor because it came in a package along with an immersion blender! And the price was UNBEATABLE. SO stoked 😀

Oh, & I recommend making a couple balls first and then rolling them around in coconut. Otherwise there will be a whole lot of hand-washing going on in between each ball. This way is much faster.

Coconut Orange Date Balls
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    15 Balls
    15 Balls
    Coconut Orange Date Balls
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      15 Balls
      15 Balls
      Servings: Balls
      1. Slice each date in half and pull out the seeds.
      2. put dates, peanut butter and orange juice in food processor and pulse until it has become a thick, sticky paste.
      3. Wet fingers and scoop roughly one tablespoon of paste out of food processor.
      4. Form it into a little ball and roll in a plate of dried, shredded coconut.
      5. Refrigerate to firm them up and serve. Enjoy!
      Recipe Notes

      ~85 calories per ball

      *Inspiration for this recipe came from the Endless Summer Cookbook

      Kammie wants to know:

      • Do you use dates often?

      • Have you ever made raw desserts before? Links welcome.

      Let me know in the comments below!

      Last Updated on July 19, 2019

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      1. Wow, dates, peanut butter and coconut.. these are very healthy too:) My kind of sweet!

      2. i love coconut. i love dates (i really love dates). and i love orange. so i’m pretty sure these will be fantastic! yum!

      3. What a yummy combo…love this! They look wonderful! I do adore a good energy ball!

      4. Wonderful – this looks fantastic, what a great way to make treats. I adore dates too, they are really a brilliant fruit.

      5. Would refrigeration of the dough before handling help any? I’ve seen so many truffle recipes that use that trick for pre-rolling firm-up.

        • Rolling them wasn’t difficult, it’s just the fact that your hands get pretty sticky. It’s probably just a personal preference though. Next time, I’ll try it that way 🙂

      6. These look amazing!
        Would love it if you shared them at my Potluck Party ;D

      7. These look sooo good! I love the orange 😀

      8. These look heavenly! Orange and peanut butter, what a lovely combination!

      9. Hi there! Found you by way of Ella’s Potluck – loving the addition of peanut butter to these little treats, I am totally in love with how naturally sweet dates are, it is incredible!

      10. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing with us on Allergy Free Wednesdays!

      11. So delighted to have you post on Fit and Fabulous Fridays! These coconut date balls look amazing!! Dates are one of my favorite things to eat… sweet and rich all by themselves. Great recipe.:)

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