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Okay, so I’m gonna start in a weird way but I a friend of mine posted about this on Facebook and I just had to share! It is seriously hilarious. Go on Amazon and read some of the reviews on this product. Oh my gosh, I was cracking up for a good 10 minutes!


“Fellow consumers, do NOT attempt to have sex with this product. This is not a bedroom toy, despite its name and appearance.”

“As a ninja, I’m used to slicing bananas the traditional way, by throwing my stars at them from across the kitchen. Now with the handy banana slicer, I can avoid all those ugly holes in my kitchen walls and curtains!”

“I like it but sometimes the banana curves the other way. But when it works, it’s pretty amazing. And it’s yellow.”

“I like to carry my bananas around in my front pants pocket. Before I purchased this product, I used to get a lot of “is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” jokes. Not anymore! The banana slices fit comfortably in my front (and back) pockets, and now my life is embarrassment-free. Thanks Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer!”

and my favorite:

 “For decades I have been trying to come up with an ideal way to slice a banana. “Use a knife!” they say. Well…my parole officer won’t allow me to be around knives. “Shoot it with a gun!” Background check…HELLO! I had to resort to carefully attempt to slice those bananas with my bare hands. 99.9% of the time, I would get so frustrated that I just ended up squishing the fruit in my hands and throwing it against the wall in anger. Then, after a fit of banana-induced rage, my parole officer introduced me to this kitchen marvel and my life was changed. No longer consumed by seething anger and animosity towards thick-skinned yellow fruit, I was able to concentrate on my love of theatre and am writing a musical play about two lovers from rival gangs that just try to make it in the world. I think I’ll call it South Side Story.”

Okay now that you’ve had a good laugh and it brightened up your Monday, let me show you some highlights from a little shindig I attended on Saturday afternoon. A bunch of us Chicago healthy living bloggers gathered up at Bethany’s place for a cookie decorating party! She prepared her place nicely and it was all festive full with cookies, frostings, and sprinkles.

She had a regular and vegan frosting as well as regular and gluten-free cookies. There was also about 7 different ways to decorate! So cool. It was my first time decorating cookies so it was fun 🙂

And now to end the post, here’s a little teaser of what’s to come to the blog….

Have a marvelous day loves!

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. From here on out you can consider yourself welcome to come to my apartment at any time to photograph any and everything I ever cook haha. Gorgeous pictures!

    It was so great to meet you on Saturday! I’m really glad you were able to come, and both your peanut butter truffle-y things and the chocolate almond cookies were INCREDIBLE. Seriously, so, so good. I hope the recipes for those are part of what’s coming soon!

    • Yes they are! The truffley things are actually pumpkin banana bread balls. No peanut butter involved but I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 It was great meeting you as well!!

  2. Your pics are so much nicer than my iphone pics! Huh. Shocker!! Glad you could come!!

  3. I love your pictures!! 🙂

    It was really great to meet you!

  4. This post totally made my day! I love the reviews…so funny!

  5. Haha Amazon reviews are the best! The reviews for binders (remember Romney’s comment on binders full of women?) is probably my favorite of all time. Your photos make me soo hungry…and I just ate! I can’t wait for all those recipes.

  6. Oh no I just wrote a comment and it disappeared 🙁 I wrote something about Amazon reviews being the best! My favorite review of all time would be the one for binders (remember Romney’s binders full of women comment?). Hilarious! Your photos are stunning, I can’t wait for the recipes!

    • Haha I got both comments. WordPress is weird like that. But yeah! 🙂 I love reading reviews too haha & I posted one of the recipes today, the rest will be coming in the next couple of days probably! xo

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