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It’s the end of June already. I know right? What! Where has the time gone?! Word.

Current Book:

I’m currently reading “Eating In the Light Of the Moon” which is a book about emotional eating discussed through storytelling and metaphor. It’s nicely written and insightful. I’m reading up to get more and more educated on this topic so I can write more about it. The more I read, the more enlightened I feel – the more everything becomes so much clearer.

Current Music:

Aside from the usual indie rock and folk I always listen to, I’ve had this song stuck in my head the past two days. Especially since my friends keep gushing over how hot Robin Thicke is… I personally do not find him that attractive. What do you think?


I definitely thought the music video is a biiiiiit over the top and does not portray women in a very positive light. But then again, there are so many music videos that objectify women – what else is new right?

I have to admit, I love this version of the video I found though! 😛


Current Guilty Pleasures:

I don’t feel guilty about anything in my life. Pleasure is good and there’s no reason to feel guilty about feeling good. What has been giving me pleasure lately?

Friday night summer shanenigans with my friends <3

my girls

I had ice cream for the first time in YEARS this month. First, my roommate and I went to Oberweiss since it’s so close to our apartment and I enjoyed a delicious Chocolate Coffee Milkshake. Yes. Real Ice Cream. I did feel like I was cheating on froyo a little bit but I do admit it was glorious…

oberweiss milkshakes

Then the following week we had an Ice Cream Social at work! More ice cream loving for this girl. I don’t even remember what kind I had but it was good. No guilt here 🙂

ice cream

Current Nail Color:

You can see the current nail color on this photo I took of me holding one of my delicious Chocolate Covered Vanilla Coconut homemade Protein Bars. Nomz. And yeah, the pink is cute 😉

Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Coconut Protein Bars

Current Drink:

Well besides my usual water and tea, I have been loving our coffee machine in the office – it makes delicious coffee drinks.. you know, the ones that are terrible for you and full of sugar. Yeah. I had to, I couldn’t resist. Here’s my early dinner from this week when I had to stay super late at the office. Gordetto’s with a Chai Latte. Healthy, right?

Oh yeah, I know it’s not. That was sarcasm.



Thankfully I got real dinner later. And by real dinner I mean Chipotle. It was the only fast casual place that was open after 9 (which is the time I got off work that day). That’s besides the point.

My alcoholic drink of choice when I go out has been Whiskey and Ginger Ale. Jameson, to be exact. I love this combination!


Current Food:

There has been a lot of interesting eats in my life this month! I’m still trying to get used to working long hours at my internship (aka 9-5 plus more). So my lunch options have been limited due to funds but I did get some cool eats in there aside from my usual energy or protein bars.



Salad with roasted beets. I love beets. I just love them. I love goat cheese even more. But both of them together work just SO well together!


I don’t know why but for some ODD reason I ordered a sandwich with prosciutto. Why? Why? Good question. I thought I’d try it since I never had it before. Conclusion? It’s not for me. Pork never has been and never will be. It came with a gazpacho. Cold tomato soup. It was interesting.


I ordered Mediterranean food for delivery the other day and I didn’t finish it so I put it in tupperware so I could have it for lunch at work the next day! Yay! I need to pack my lunches much more often! 🙂


Another odd thing… I had been craving beef the past week. I had a dream that I had a juicy steak and I actually really liked it, surprisingly. And ever since then I couldn’t share the slight craving for beef. So when I got Chipotle after working late one night, instead of the usual vegetarian option, I went for barbacoa. Craving = Satisfied. So good!


My parents and I went to an American/Italian restaurant in my neighborhood. I don’t know why I got lasagna. It was way too boring. I don’t like pasta all that much. If I was making this I would put a WHOLE lot of veggies in there to make it a much more fun dish. I was soooo full after this late lunch that I couldn’t eat anything for the rest of the day too. I’m just not a big Italian food person, I guess.

IMG_20130623_110216_392 I ordered Thai food! Yeah, I know – I’ve been getting delivery a bunch lately. Well actually, just twice. But yeah – I don’t know, I’ve been lazy. I love me some spring rolls though! 🙂

Current Favorite Show:

Need I say more…

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 9.57.58 PM

I have also been watching True Blood on Sundays – not that good yet although better than I expected it would start. I just want Sookie and Eric to get together again, Ugh what is taking them so long! Jeez.

AND I am SO excited for Dexter tonight! eguhadiguhugdhsug YES!!!!!!

Current Wish List:

A gym membership. Preferably CrossFit but I’d settle for LPAC. Ugh. I hate not having enough money for extra things.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 10.03.54 PM

Current Needs:

To start working out again. Somehow, I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks. Life got busy. I know it’s not an excuse. I don’t care. I’m adjusting to the new schedule and the busy Kammie. Leave me alone.

I am going to a bootcamp class on Monday at 6am! So there!

Current Triumphs:

My blog had its highest page views EVER this past week. THANK YOU to everyone for coming over to read and your continued support! You all rock!

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 10.02.07 PM

Current Bane of Existence:

I keep losing CTA transit cards. It’s like a gift. I lost one that had $20 on it. And the other day I lost another one. How?! Good question. They just seem to disappear. Sigh.

Current Celebrity Crush:

I’m not big on crushing on celebrities. I don’t really know… I guess I still think Eric from True Blood is yummy but the short-term obsession I had with him a year ago has passed. Love me some Aleksander.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 10.06.31 PM

Current Indulgence:

Umm….. delivery.

Current Blessing:

That my internship offers overtime pay and if you work past 8pm you can get expenses covered for a taxi home and dinner for up to $15. THANK YOU!


I didn’t get to go home until 9pm and 1030pm on Weds and Thursday. Gotta love that agency life.

Another blessing has to do with my photography. I had another showcase this month and it was for a benefit with all proceeds going to eating disorder awareness and scholarships for Awakening Center in Chicago. Here’s how my section looked like.



I posted about this on my Photography FB page but I also got selected to have my work be shown at a digital gallery showing in New York City!! The showing goes from July till September and I think this means I will be making another stop to NYC soon to check it out for myself!! 🙂 Yay!


Current Slang:

I don’t think I have one.

Current Outfit:

You don’t wanna see what I’m wearing right now but a nice outfit I wore this past week can be seen on my recent video!

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 10.09.57 PM

Pardon my face lol go watch the video! Click on the image above to be taken to view it!

Current Excitement:

Fourth of July weekend! Thursday AND Friday are off! My parents and I are going somewhere. I have no idea where yet but SOMEWHERE, we are. Woot! It’s funny how the older I get, the more I enjoy spending time with them.

Current Link:

You BLOGGERS will love this one! —-> click here!!

Current Mood:

Positive! Summer is not really in full effect in Chicago weather-wise, but I’m fine with it because I’m not exactly bikini-ready. And I’m okay with it. It’s that process. But I can’t help but be happy that this summer weather is kind of on MY side 🙂 Not making me feel obligated to show off my body when I’m still in the process of learning to love it unconditionally. So yeah. YAY!

Kammie wants to know:

  • What are some of your Current’s?
  • What have you been indulging in lately?

Let me know in the comments below!

Some of the pictures have been taken with my RAZR HD which has been given to me by Verizon.

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. I have the song Blurred Lines on my Ipod. Songs like that really don’t bother me at all. What’s intersting thpugh is that there was an adult content warning on the parody but not on the other.

    Your photography is stunning! Congrats on the NY showing.

  2. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve gone past Oberweis and thought, “I NEED to go there.” But I still haven’t! Soon! I haven’t had good ice cream in so long, and those shakes look out-of-this-world good. And is there really a better time of the year to go out for ice cream than summer? I think not.

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