“Curvalicious” Fitness Program {Review} & New Program: “Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle” & Goal Planning for August

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Well this past week sucked. Not literally, it wasn’t like bad or anything, but nutritionally and activity-wise, it sucked. I didn’t work out as much as I was supposed to.

  • I skipped my Wednesday shoulder workout,  I don’t even know why…
  • I did Zumba slightly hungover on Saturday which thankfully made me feel better but I still didn’t do my abs workout like I was supposed to that day.
  • I went to the gym on Sunday morning set to do arms but after the warm up I stopped and just did some random exercises instead and ended up leaving the gym after 20 minutes instead of the usual 45. I was just so disinterested. I did not wanna be there. Doing that same thing, again, the same. SO bored.

Unfortunately, fitness for me goes hand in hand with eating well. When I exercise a lot, I also don’t eat much. When I don’t work out on the given day, I tend to eat more and have more cravings. It’s a simple case of an obvious negative correlation. Exercising a lot makes me motivated to eat well,which in turn makes me feel better. Once one of the important factors of the equation are missing, the whole equation falls apart. That is exactly what happened. Although there are things that I still pat myself on the back for, because compared to my true fall-backs that I’ve had in the past, my current fall-backs haven’t been as intense and depressing. I used to binge and gorge on all kinds of processed foods and candy without control and it was difficult to take control over my mind. I didn’t want to stop. Now, while this week I did overeat and had more calories than my set calorie budget for each day, and didn’t exercise as much as I set myself to, I didn’t gorge on unhealthy foods. Even though I consumed much more than I should have, I stayed within reason and did so on healthier alternatives – I still didn’t want to eat junk food, or candy, or anything like how I used to. I also still walked instead of just sitting on my ass all day long as I used to back then during my depressive binge modes. I walk. I still move. I might feel a bit food drunk or sometimes even comatose but I try not to get myself to that point now and thankfully I haven’t. While I overate, I didn’t put myself into the food coma state this week, which is a huge improvement over the past experiences.

Flavia, creator of Curvalicious

Back to the exercise schedule: being bored and tired of this program calls for a re-evaluation. While the program I was on for almost two months, Curvalicious, was awesome and worked me hard with four weight training sessions a week, I feel like I am bored with the sequences for a while. No doubt will I be coming back to this program in the future but for now I need a break from Curvalicious and do a new and fresh workout routine and schedule to help me get back on track and excited again. Before I go onto the new program, I want to do a short review of Curvalicious fitness program (nutritional suggestions are included with the program but I didn’t follow those, I simply stayed with a limited calorie budget):


  • specifically designed for women
  • focused on weight training
  • includes cardio
  • stresses the importance of progression, not perfection (to continue building muscle instead of stalling on the progress and staying within comfort)
  • there are videos of each weight training day that shows how to do each exercise
  • there is both an in-home and at-gym workout guide sheet for each day
  • includes 4 different weight training workouts per week – arms & biceps, legs, glutes, shoulders & back. Abs are done to start with as warm up for each plus one additional longer ab workout to be done before a HIIT.
  • Each workout is no longer than 45 minutes long
  • I had definite muscle growth and some drop in fat during the program and I loved it!
  • program is 3 months long but the sequences do not change, so you do the same thing every week for 3 months – it gets boring after a while (exhibit A, haha)
  • the program is very focused on weights and I wouldn’t be able to do it at home unless I owned a whole lot of different sets of weights, the weights I used ranged from 5-25 lbs
  • It’s a lot of intense working out and I didn’t follow it to the tee, I didn’t do HIIT when she suggested it, instead I did more slower cardio (I really need to get on the HIIT bandwagon)
  • Whenever I tell someone the name of the program, the person laughs.. lol
I recommend the program to any woman interested in burning fat and gaining some muscle. The fact that the program was designed by a woman, for women, is awesome and makes me truly believe that heavy weights do not bulk you up. I will do the program again once I’m ready. The program gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars in my book. Just sucks that it doesn’t change week by week or else it would have been perfect.
Anyway, moving on…

On Monday I woke up to an email from some person, Dr. Sarah Chapman (whom I don’t remember ever giving my email to… but okay) in which she had a very intense headline:  7 WEEKS TO GET THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!!!! – Alright Sarah, pretty obnoxious, but when I’m half asleep in the morning reading about how they are sure they have the solution to my problems and that in 49 days I will end up with less body fat than I was before and in better shape, without the use of supplements or any additional products, all for $39, I went ahead and bought it. Crap, I am gullible, yes. I am also trustworthy, unfortunately. Let’s just hope this program is for real.

“Burn the Fat” creator

The program is called “Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle” and was created by a fitness pro, Tom Venuto. I’ve bought a lot of programs like these before that claimed to burn a lot of fat, leave you super sexy and muscley and whatnot. I didn’t follow through all the way with any of them because they were often too complicated and required a lot of supplements which I am just not interested in. Once, I tried this 25 day Extreme Diet which had some great factoids and stuff but it was just way too… extreme, I guess, for me and I ended up stopping and almost went crazy and binged for like a week straight. Fun times. Well, this guy is talking about supplement-free diet and exercise plan and it only lasts 49 days, includes an online support system for 60 days free, and it has a satisfaction guarantee, so I might as well try it out. Also, my recent calorie restriction hasn’t been working out very well either since I haven’t seen much weight loss. This program talks about progress based on fat loss instead of weight loss to be measured by a body fat caliper. Well, might as well try it out. And no, I am not an affiliate to this program. So any future things I talk about regarding to it are true and actual experiences, not advertisement.

I’m planning on starting the program in a few days and I will report back my thoughts on progress and whether it’s worth it. Also, (if I finish it) I will include a full review at the end.

Now, I wanted to revisit my goals from July:

  1. Weigh 125 lbs by the end of the month – Nope.
  2. Eat only 2 meals a day (max) that are sweet, keep the rest savory. – Uhh.. I forgot about that one, but I did limit my sweet meals a bit.
  3. Have 1-2 servings of dairy a day, max. – Forgot about this one too… ooops.
  4. Going along with the point above, make a meal plan a week in advance and STICK to it. – Yeah, that worked for like a week or two…
  5. Make at least 10,000 steps every day and 10 floors every day (FitBit recorded) – ~95% success which is awesome for me! 🙂 
  6. Do yoga once a week. – Not every week but I did do it more than in the previous months.
  7. Draw at least one picture every week. – Ha, about that…
  8. Do 3 creative/conceptual photo shoots. – Yeah…… Not.
  9. Learn more about Adobe Illustrator through the video tutorials I have. – Damn, I forgot! Just been so busy.
  10. Read at least 3 books. – Kinda! I read this and this and now I’m almost done with the 3rd
Wow, well that was one depressing ass exercise. I did not fully complete any of the goals I set for July, that is both embarrassing and disappointing. The reason might be  that I didn’t put the goals up written out in front of me. I did write them out on the blog but that’s as far as it went. Time to make the goals more visible. Sigh.
Here are my goals for August:
  1. Buy goggles and a cap, and go swimming at least once at the gym. (I’ve been itching to go swimming lately)
  2. Follow the “Burn The Fat” program as much and as long as I can while taking advantage of the online support they offer.
  3. Do two boxing HIIT on a heavybag (I’ve really been wanting to do this one but haven’t found the courage to do it alone without a coach)
  4. Do at least one jog outdoors per week
  5. No whey protein powders in the evening, stick to egg white protein (I learned that whey spikes too quickly for nighttime to be appropriate)
  6. Read at least two books (not including the one I’m in the middle of right now from last month)
  7. Stop obsessing so much over food. I know, easier said than done.
I think that’s enough for now. I’m not gonna focus on being a certain weight and just follow the program if I like it and hopefully stop obsessing over the little things which can only backfire.
See ya tomorrow for WIAW!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. I love your August goals! I think you will nail them, you have been working hard and it shows.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up, lady. I think your goals are awesome and you are working hard. your blog shows it. I know the over-eating feeling all too well. be SO PROUD of yourself for you not over doing it on processed junk!

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