A day in the life of a busy young professional (with healthy choices)

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If you’ve been following me for any time so far, you know I am quite the busy girl.

Not only do I have a full time job as a social media strategist at a digital agency in Chicago (which I absolutely love), but I also have my own business where I coach other passion-driven solopreneurs to get their marketing in order (and mindset stuff as well). And can’t forget my darling Sensual Appeal Blog (aka, this right here), where I blog about healthy choices, lifestyle and food.

That’s quite the full plate I have there (no pun intended).

So you can imagine I sometimes get a little scrambled with to-do’s and tasks that I have to do… and for a while, my health fell to the wayside. The truth is, I just now got back on the exercise wagon (like, 2 weeks ago) after months (MONTHS!!) of very sporadic activity (aka, barely anything at all. Not exaggerating).

I’ve come to a point where, although I was doing great with everything work wise, I was starting to feel weighed down, literally and figuratively. I didn’t have a reliant stress-relief schedule (no exercise), I was eating whatever I wanted because I was too busy (or lazy) to cook (lots of delivery and takeout) and I gained some extra weight which caused me to feel even more out of shape. And it’s not even vanity pounds I’m talking about. It’s those pounds that really shouldn’t be there if you want to function at your fullest capacity. And I was feeling the effects of it.

Goal: To get back to being fit again, like I was here! Determined AND healthy.
Goal: To get back to being fit again, like I was here! Determined AND healthy.

So I got my shiz together and I said “no more!” and I’m back on track. Yay. It’s time.

A day in the life of a young busy professional today looks something like this…

I wake up at 5:45am (if it’s a Monday, Weds, or Friday) and go to my gym for a Bootcamp class (which I just signed up for, crazy expensive but it’s just the kick I need to go and get back in the habit of going)

I come back home around 7am and start getting ready, taking my time. Drink a protein shake if I’m not very hungry or have egg whites or something else if I am hungry. (usually I’m not very hungry in the mornings so a simple protein shake is enough).

Take my supplements: fish oil, natural accelerator from Isagenix, Mulitvitamin (sometimes), Probiotics (sometimes)

Walgreens has an amazing vitamin section, by the way

I do a meditation or a hypnosis session for 15 minutes or so before I finish getting ready.

Leave for work at 8:35 am

Take the train to work. Read stuff on my Kindle. I love to read. Feeding the brain.

Get to work at 9 am

Make myself some yummy tea once I get to work, depends on my mood: I range from green tea (if I’m feeling pretty tired) to white tea (if I just want a boost) to herbal tea (if I just want it for the flavor and that’s it). Drop a few ice cubes in there to cool it off.

Workkkkkkkkingggggg time. Meetings. Computer time. All that fun stuff…

Noon, lunch: have cereal with kefir or almond milk OR go out for lunch with colleagues

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 6.18.54 PM

If I have cereal and stay in during lunch, I sometimes take a 20-30 minute break and go outside for a walk to stretch my legs. Gotta get some extra activity in! I don’t always¬†do this, only when I feel like I’ve been working at my desk for the entire time and feel like I want that extra activity boost.

Meettinggsssss, workinggggggg….

More work…

And work some more…

Go home around 5pm; taking the train back. Sometimes I get groceries on the way back. Depends on the day.

I get off a stop early so I can walk the rest of the way home. I’ve been doing this for many months now and the only time I get off at my stop is if it’s raining or I am crunched on time. But otherwise, it’s like a habit now. Yay for extra walking! I love to walk.

Then I do whatever I have planned the rest of the day. Sometimes I meet up with people. Maybe a happy hour (I love those, gotta get that social time in, although those usually happen by the office – always opting for healthier choices during it of course), or just hang out at my place (usually involves working some more but this time on my business and blog) or have “me time” with some Netflix and yummy yet healthy food.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 6.19.00 PM

Also, a week ago I had mine and my parents’ dog at my place for a few days. I was dog sitting while they went on vacation. It was a great way to get even more walking in! I walked SO much!

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 6.18.41 PM

I go to bed pretty early, around 9:30am or 10pm (ideally) but sometimes I stay and not go until 10:30 or 11. It depends on what time I have to wake up and what I have to do and how tired I am.

I also usually read before bed or watch some Netflifx (although trying to weave myself off the Netflix before bed).


So, how does Walgreens play a part in all of this?

Walgreens Balance Rewards has a mobile app which is perfect for a lifestyle that likes to keep track of your healthy choices like mine and yours!

You can register for the healthy choices feature, sync a device if you have one, and engage with the program by setting goals, entering activities, tracking your progress and so on. It’s basically all the things you can do on a paid app that tracks your healthy lifestyle but this is free!

How cool is that?


I always use the Balance Rewards when I shop at Walgreens cause it’s super easy and umm.. I love discounts? haha. Who doesn’t!?

The thing with this healthy choices program too, is that you get points for your healthy activities. So not only do you track it for yourself but you also get rewarded for it! Yes please!


Definitely check it out!

You can check it out for more information here.

How do you spend your day in the life of a healthy living person?

Let me know by TWEETING at me @sensappeal I’d love to hear about it!


Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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