Awesome Bakeries and Desserts in New York City

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The best bakeries and dessert shops in NYC by

I hope you’re excited because my favorite post about New York City is here! Well, besides the post about my Chocolate Tour. This is my second favorite because I love sweets and desserts and this post is all about the different bakeries and desserts I tried in NYC! If you love cupcakes, cookies, frozen yogurt, and more… you’re in for a treat! Enjoy and make sure to respond to my questions at the bottom of the post. I’m curious about your answers! ๐Ÿ™‚

Baked By Melissa

On the top of my list of bakeries to try in New York City wasย Baked By Melissa. I had a couple of people urging me to try it out and that it’s a definite must when in NYC. So obviously, I had to try it, especially since this bakery has so many locations. Seriously, I walked by so many when just walking around. The one I actually went to was in Times Square. It was a pre-lunch treat.

Mini Cupcakes reviewed by

You could buy 3 cupcakes for $3. Not a bad price – $1 per cupcake. I chose Cookies & Cream cupcake, Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcake, and Red Velvet Cupcake (yeah, I’m starting to get over my resistance to Red Velvet desserts). They would have been worth it, except….

Baked By Melissa  reviewed by

They are just so darn tiny! Sure, they’re cute. Adorable, in fact. But it’s a three-biter if you take small bites. My dad, a big biter, would have swallowed one whole cupcake in one take. If he was with us on our trip, I bet he would have laughed. Meh. Okay, but what about the cupcake itself, besides for its smurf size? The taste was… I don’t know, it was decent. It was normal. Nothing spectacular. It was just a regular cupcake. I didn’t really taste that much cause of the size and I didn’t feel very satisfied after this quick dessert trip. I doubt I’ll come back to Baked By Melissa again unless it’s for catering mini cupcakes for a celebration. I bet they would be perfect for a baby shower or a birthday or something, because they are cute. But that’s about how far as that goes.

Li-Lac Chocolates

The other dessert I’m going to highlight is something we bought at Li-Lac Chocolates during our Chocolate Tour of New York City. Since it’s a purchase we made, I didn’t show you guys what it was on the post about the chocolate tour. Well, as I mentioned in the original post, this chocolate shop had a sale for Easter chocolates at buy one, get one free.

chocolate eggs  reviewed by

We bought two chocolate eggs. One was a dark chocolate coated chocolate mousse egg and the other was a milk chocolate covered chocolate hazelnut. We wanted both to be coated in dark chocolate but they didn’t have a dark chocolate coating for the hazelnut egg and I really wanted to try that one so we got the milk chocolate instead. I liked the chocolate mousse one a lot more than the hazelnut one. I expected the chocolate hazelnut to taste like Nutella, but it didn’t – it was way too sweet, it was overwhelming. My mom liked it though.

chocolate eggs bitten

Overall, I found both of the chocolate eggs to be way too decadent and heavy. They were one of the heaviest and decadent chocolate treats I have ever had and it was just kind of difficult to eat because of it. It was a shock of intensity and overload each time I took a bite. I wasn’t a fan.

Pasticceria Bruno Bakery & Cafe

Another purchase that was made during our chocolate tour of New York City happened at Pasicceria Bruno Bakery & Cafe. I wish I remember the name of the first treat I’m gonna show you… I don’t know why I didn’t write these things down. I guess you live and you learn. But anyway, the first dessert, or baked good rather, was this meringue-looking thing. It was just like a meringue except a little different, it had nuts inside. It was decent but I wasn’t too crazy about it. My mom liked it though.

meringue thing

See? Looks like meringue but with chunks of nuts inside (and maybe something else?). It was just a slightly different texture from regular meringues, it was not as light. And the taste was a bit different. Gosh, I’m terrible at describing things.

Since I’ve never had macaroons before, I had to buy one here. They were big and they had a lot of nice flavors. We picked a mocha macaroon to try. My mom didn’t like it that much because she said the filling was too buttery but I really liked it! I loved the mocha flavor because it wasn’t too strong but it was still prevalent. The filling was dreamy and it was interesting to bite into a sandwich that’s really a bakery treat. I like macaroons. Now I know this and I can’t wait to have another one someday.


See how big it was? Half of my palm! So awesome.

Holey Cream! Bake Shop & Cupakes

I guess Holey Cream actually has a thing about ice cream in the name too but we didn’t try the ice cream so I’m not even gonna talk about that. This place was my absolute favorite from all of the bakeries and dessert shops I have tried during my stay in New York City. It was seriously THE BEST. And it was conveniently located in Hell’s Kitchen – only a few minutes away from our hotel.

The best cupcakes

I instantlyย fell in love with this bake shop upon entering. I mean, look at all these cupcakes! So many choices, and they were big (sorry Melissa, but I like ’em big!) And if you’re more of a doughnut fan, they had an option to create your own doughnut where you can choose a flavor, coating and some other stuff. I don’t remember the doughnut specifics exactly because we weren’t there for donuts. We were there for cupcakes. Delicious, moist, big, decadent cupcakes!

cupcake heaven

I chose a caramel turtle cupcake and my mom chose the double chocolate cupcake. We went to our hotel room to enjoy the sugary goodness. And… Oh. My. GOSH! It was heaven. I have never had such a good cupcake (well, Molly’s Cupcakes in Chicago might be a tie). Why did I like these cupcakes so much? They were amazing… the size was just right, they had a FILLING (that’s what usually gets me sold) and the flavors were just so mind-blowing.


My mom LOVED her double chocolate one. It was everything she loved in a cupcake – it didn’t have a frosting on top (she’s not a fan of frosting because she finds it too heavy and buttery), and it was ultra dark chocolate, with a dark chocolate filling and a dark chocolate drizzle. I agree, it was very good and it was surprisingly not too sweet. Clearly, it was everything my mom could ever want in a cupcake. She made a great choice. I loved my cupcake more though, the turtle caramel was ideal for me – the frosting on top of the cupcake wasn’t overwhelming and there was a lot of filling inside. The caramel was delicious and decadent. It was pretty sweet but it was so delicious, I couldn’t resist.

We may or may not have gone to Holey Cream the night before our departure from New York City again ๐Ÿ˜‰ We couldn’t help ourselves. It’s hands down the best bake shop/cupcake shop I have tried in New York City so far. If you visit NYC, you MUST try this place!

Chobani Store SoHo

You knew this was coming. I love my Chobani yogurt and the Chobani Store in SoHo was on top of my list of places to try in New York City. I was very excited to try it. I made a date to meet up with Sylvia since she’s never had it either.

Chobani in Soho

Chobani store had a nice variety of things to choose from, different yogurt concoction that were both sweet but also savory (they had one with lox! and cucumber! it was interesting). I settled for a peanut butter & jelly one. I’d been craving peanut butter and this one sounded very good to me.

Chobani in SoHo

The concoction itself was good but it wasn’t anything I wouldn’t be able to make at home. In fact, it is something I could very easily make myself. It was just a regular Chobani plain yogurt with toppings on top. It wasn’t anything spectacular. But I liked the atmosphere of the place and the small Chobani creation was pretty cheap, especially since we got to keep the glass bowl with the purchase! Once you finish eating, you simply give them your diry bowl and they give you a clean bowl in return so you can take it home. That itself made it all worth it! I love freebies ๐Ÿ™‚ And it’s a perfect size for a nice and quick yogurt treat I can make myself.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

I’m used to eating some form of frozen yogurt at least once a week. I love me my treats, whatever. Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt shop was close to our hotel in NYC Midtown and I decided to make a stop there after running at Central Park while my mom was at her conference.


The whole time I was picking and sampling flavors I couldn’t help but think how much some healthy bloggers would love this place. There was a good variety of soy frozen yogurt flavors to choose from – perfect for vegans. The flavors were pretty good too but I wasn’t too smitten with them. I like our frozen yogurt shops more back home. This one was also, unsurprisingly, more expensive. I disliked the fact that the fruit for toppings were not cut into small pieces but were pretty big. I like having small pieces of fruit for my toppings so I didn’t choose the fruit, instead I chose the little poppy (bursty?) balls (whatever those are called). They had two different flavors: strawberry and mango, which made me happy. I love those little balls. Nomz.

Kammie wants to know:

  • Which of these dessert shops would you most like to try?

  • What is your favorite cupcake?

  • What toppings do you usually get for frozen yogurt?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. Wow a chobani store?!?? That sounds and looks amazing.

    That turtle cupcake you had sounded good and those mini cupcakes you had looked delicious even if they weren’t anything special and were a bit small.

  2. Chobani has a store? You missed my favorite – Amy’s Bread. Hit it up next time. Not only are the treats amazing so is the PB&J!

  3. Yummy! I’d most want to try the Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. I’ve been having major froyo cravings lately! My favorite toppings usually include fruit and mini chocolate chips ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. These are wonderful suggestions and I am only familiar with Baked by Melissa and Chobani (though I didn’t know they had a store.) Since moving to the suburbs from NYC, I am not on top of all of these wonderful places to try. Thanks!
    Over from SITS!

  5. Yum! I want to go back to NYC and try more food. I loved it all when I visited.

  6. I would go to Holy Cream! you really enjoyed it. Plus who can resist those cupcakes.

    I just like vanilla.

  7. I love Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. There are a lot of different flavours to try.

  8. WOW the fruit yoghurt looks so YUMMY!!! What a tasty looking dessert!

  9. You went to so many places that I’ve never even heard of, and I’ve lived here my whole life! I’ve had Baked by Melissa cupcakes and wasn’t impressed either. Oh well, you can’t win em all!

    • True that, girl, true that. I am so jealous you live in NYC though! And now you know what places you can go check out next time you’re feeling like you’ve got a sweet tooth coming on! What are some of your favorites that you’ve been to? I’m writing down new places to add to my list next time I visit!

  10. Holy moses!! The cupcakes sound heavenly, and I love me some fro-yo, but hand over that gigantic macaroon!!! Wow!

    Everything sounds so great! I’ve wanted to visit the Chobani SoHo store ever since I first heard of it last year…even though I know just about everything in there, I could make myself…but seriously, I just would like to go for the experience (and the “free” bowl! ;))

    The fro-yo topping balls are called bobas or tapioca pearls! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  12. If you like cupcakes you must try Two Little Red Hens! They are AMAZING. The famous blackout is too sweet for me, but I love their red velvet and carrot. Yummy!

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