Our Easter Breakfast 2013 (with homemade cakes and more!)

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Hello my dear readers, I know I am a little late, but I want to wish you all a wonderful Easter! Hope your day was filled with happiness!

Happy Easter

I really wanted to make carrot cupcakes for Easter as I did last year, I think they might be one of my favorite recipes to date, but unfortunately we did not have any cream cheese. My mom promised that she will buy some cream cheese for when I come back to the suburbs on Thursday evening and I can make them then. I think I’ll make a variation. After all, I like experimenting. But you should absolutely try out the healthier carrot cake cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting that I made last year. They were divine!

This year, my mom did all the baking.

Polish Easter Cakes

We usually have some store-bought cake from the Polish deli store because every year, we make our pre-Easter grocery shopping with my dad, and he’s the one that always wants to buy them (they aren’t the healthiest cakes around.. quite the opposite, but he likes them. It’s okay on occasion, I guess). But this year the grocery run was done by me and my mom only. The Polish deli was SO packed on Friday, we ended up staying there for an hour and a half! Most of which was spent waiting for our number to be called to get the deli meat: sausages, pate, turkey breast, and more. Many people were trying to trick the workers and cut in line. It was pretty chaotic. But yeah, fact of the story is: we didn’t buy any store-bought cakes this year, with an exception of poppy seed roll cake (makowiec).

But before I get into the sweet portion of the post, let me talk about our lovely breakfast! The breakfast was different than usual too, as the Polish tradition involves playing with the colored eggs by doing a “Who’s going to break the egg shell quicker” game using just eggs. It’s a fun game. If we do it next year, I’ll show you how it goes. This year my mom made deviled eggs made with mushrooms.

Deviled Eggs with Mushrooms

The reason why this year was different when it comes to eggs is:

  1. Our egg coloring didn’t work. Like at all. You could see a very slight hint of color on the eggs but it was really laughable, if you didn’t know we had held the eggs in the coloring for 30 or so minutes each, you would think they weren’t colored at all. I’m guessing the egg coloring goes bad after a certain number of years… we’d had this one for 3 years now or so, since there’s only 3 of us we never had to use that much of it. I guess it’s time for a new batch of egg coloring! Thoughts?
  2. My mom said she has been craving mushrooms all week… therefore she decided she would make deviled eggs with a mushroom stuffing. Good choice, Ma. They were amazing! Filling, flavorful, and different.

Another egg-filled thing on the table… our amazing Cooked Egg and Vegetable Salad! Yes, as I mentioned a few month ago, we always make this Polish Holiday salad for Christmas and Easter. It’s our favorite. All of the hard work is well worth it in the end. The best salad evah! 😉

Egg and Vegetable Holiday Salad

Our breakfast table also included turkey breast and rabbit meat, as well as some cheese. All of which were blessed during our Easter Basket blessing on Holy Saturday (a Polish tradition).

Meats and Cheese

Then we’ve got the holy bread and the forementioned poppy seed roll cake. I’m not a big fan of white bread but this particular bread is made specifically for taking to get blessed in the Easter Basket during Holy Saturday. The poppy seed roll cake is a traditional Polish cake and it always makes me think of Poland. I really like the cake simply because I really like things with poppy seeds (akhem, remember how much I raved about Lazanki last year? It’s one of my favorite dishes during Christmas after all!).

Poppy Seed Roll and Bread

Thankfully, my mom shares my love for poppy seed baked goods (she’s actually the one that got me into it so much) and she made her own poppy seed cake! Her poppy seed cake was made with apples and it had a delicious chocolate glaze on top, made from real chocolate. Mmmmmm amazing. It’s not a very easy cake to make because it requires multiple steps but I will show you a recipe this week anyway, in case you want to take a stab at it. It’s absolutely worth it!

Polish Easter Cakes

Another cake of the day was a Polish apple crumb cake. Well, truth is, this cake actually has a lot of names, all of which I found confusing. Remember how I posted two Szarlotka (Apple Pie) recipes? Go check out the traditional recipe and a different recipe made with honey, nuts, and raisins. These two cakes look like apple pies very clearly, right? That’s a szarlotka. Well apparently this apple cake is called Szarlotka too which didn’t make much sense to me because it’s not a pie. The traditional name is Grandma’s Szarlotka or Sunday Szarlotka. I didn’t want to confuse you (or myself) so I named it Apple Crumb Cake with makes more sense.

I think I liked this cake the most out of the three we ate today. And I actually think I like this Apple Crumb Cake better than the Szarlotka recipes I posted previously. But then again, I like cake better than pie, in general, so that may be the reason. Mmmm. I’ll be posting a recipe soon as well, but be warned, it might be a bit annoying to make too because it requires some Polish ingredients. I did my best to come up with substitutes. I’m sure I will make up my own version of this cake too that’s healthier and uses normal American ingredients. One day, eventually.

Easter basket

That’s my day of food! It was a lovely day with a GORGEOUS weather all weekend! Spring is finally here and I hope it’s here to stay! 🙂

What baked goods/sweets did you eat on Easter?

Do you like deviled eggs? What do you like yours with?

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  1. Happy Easter! What a wonderful post and all of your food looks amazing! Since it’s just the HUbby and I, not much happening here, though I did bake some bread this morning. 🙂 Deviled Eggs, yes please I love them! I actually love them the traditional way with just a punch of cayenne pepper in them. Enjoy the rest of your day! I’m going to check out your carrot cake cupcake recipe. That’s one thing I have been wanting to make, but haven’t!

  2. One lat thing, I hope you do share your Mom’s recipe for the apple poppy seed cake! That looks delicious!!

    • Yay I’m so glad you like it, I will share it later this week! I hope you and your hubby have a great rest of your day! It’s really nice out by us so I hope it is by you too!

  3. Everything looks great & yummy. I hope you and your family have a great Easter!

  4. Happy Easter. I want the crumb cake something awful. Beautiful!

  5. Happy Easter, Kammie 🙂 I always love reading your holiday food posts because, as a fellow Pole, they remind me a lot of the food I see on my own table. I must have eaten my body weight in that egg and veggie salad today (which is definitely a pain in the butt to make), but we didn’t have any szarlotka, which made me kind of sad since it’s one of my favorites.

  6. Wow, your photography is beautiful, Kammie! I have never heard of that egg and veggie salad but I’m really enticed. It looks delicious. I ate way too much candy and a coconut cupcake today. I’m not a huge candy eater normally but it’s one of those things that if I start, I can’t stop!

    • Thank you Lauren! And I understand I used to be like that too, but sometimes you’ve just gotta surrender to the sweetness 🙂 The egg and veggie salad rocks, we always make it for Easter and Christmas. Check out the recipe, it’s a bit tedious but SO worth it!

  7. That salad looks great! It kind of reminds me of a salad I usually have whenever I go to my boyfriends’ families house. They are italian but they always make this russian salad with peas, corn and carrots and A LOT of mayonnaise, it is really good 🙂

    • Nice! Yeah Mayo is always to taste but we don’t add that much to ours, we try to keep it at least kinda healthy. Although my dad would add a lot more if he had the ability to, but my mom and I are always the ones preparing it so he doesn’t get to. It’s interesting that Italian families make Eastern European meals too 🙂 It’s awesome. Is your boyfriend straight from Italy or are his parents?

  8. Looks like you had so much good food! The Apple Poppy Seed cake in particular sounds incredible. I love poppy seed baked goods (although really, I think I’m ultimately more interested in the flavors that come along with them…lemon or almond? Sign. Me. Up.), but I don’t think I’ve ever had any that involved chocolate…yum!

    • Yeah! The recipe is a bit tedious but the outcome is SO SO worth it! I’ll post it later this week sometime 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever had lemon poppy seed flavored baked good… or have I? I’m not even sure. But I love poppy seeds either day. It’s crazy that if we eat a lot of it, we wouldn’t be able to pass a drug test though! hah I always think about that when I eat it.

  9. Happy Easter! Well, Happy Smigus Dingus! 🙂 All of your Easter eats look very familiar. We basically had the same thing, but most of ours was store bought this year. I’m not a fan of the store bought stuff, but with it still being tax season (my mom is an accountant and working crazy hours) and my cousin going into labor on Friday, all the cooking and baking time went out the window for us. I love salatka too! We have a little sitko thingy that you just push the sliced veggies through to make the cutting go a little quicker. Its so worth the time spent cutting thought!

    • oh yesss congrats on being an aunt!! 🙂 it’s okay, 3 (or was it 2?) years ago, most of our wigilia was store-bought becuase my mom had to work that day so we didn’t have much time to make the meals from scratch. lazanki always made the table homemade though 😉 random fact, haha.

  10. Seriously, I just want your parents to frickin’ adopt me!! And then I will spend my days perched on the kitchen counter as I watch your mom whip up masterpiece after culinary masterpiece! And I’m already learning a bit on Polish traditions since I read Amanda’s blog! (Running with Spoons)…I ALREADY knew all about the blessing of the baskets! Lol

    All the food looks absolutely to die for! I love the mushroom stuffing of the eggs…genius! I’m a HUGE deviled egg fan…I’m pretty sure though that every time I make them, I change something! I really want to try mixing them with avocado…I saw it on Pinterest recently and it looked great!

    No baked goods/desserts for me this year…I had one bite of my mom’s coconut cake and I swear it almost put me in a coma! Lol

  11. Lovely pictures! Yum..i made chocolate covered strawberries for Easter (they tasted better than they looked!)

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