Everything You Need to Know About Using a Miter Saw For the First Time

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Whether you are a contractor or you simply enjoy working on do-it-yourself construction projects at home, having a diverse range of tools should hello you make things more convenient. 

Saws are among the best workshop tools that are diverse, versatile, and have high functionality. They are mainly used to cut and trim frames, moldings, and other materials made of wood, metal, polymerizing vinyl chloride (PVC), and more. 

To put it simply, having a variety of saws can help you complete even the most complex of projects with ease.

One of the items that should be included in your collection is a miter saw. It can be used for different types of projects, whole having a high quality finish.

If it is your first time to purchase a miter saw, then this article is just right for you. Learn more about the basics of a miter saw, from different types to operation and maintenance, and make the most out of this machine.

Cutting with Miter Saw

As said earlier, miter saws are one of the best tools when it comes to durability and versatility. A miter saw are capable of doing at least two types of cut.

To create a crosscut or a straight edge, simply drop the blade down the piece while keeping the left and right edges parallel to the blade. This saves a lot of time and effort compared to regular saws that require more control while sliding across the board.

The second type of cut is where the machine got its name from, the miter cut. In a miter cut, the direction of the slice can be rotated without moving the blade itself.

Other miter saws can do a third type which is the bevel cut, wherein the slice can be angled from the horizontal.

Different Types of Miter Saws

There are two general types of a miter saw, a simple miter saw and a compound one. The main difference is that a compound miter saw can do bevel cuts whereas the simple miter saw can only do crosscuts and miter cuts.

Below is a short video that will easily help you choose the perfect miter saw:

Some models may feature a sliding arm for added convenience while cordless types provide more mobility and flexibility for outdoor use.

Miter Saw Safety Features

Investing in a miter saw is really a big help to complete construction projects fast and with precision. But safety should always come first.

Remember to check if safety features are available to avoid accidents. Safety clamps keep the boards and panels in place and lockout triggers can help prevent the saw from accidentally switching on.

Having electric brakes which immediately stops the blade from spinning is also useful not just to create perfect cuts but also to keep you safe from accidents.

Maintenance Tips

The first step is to remove sawdust from your work area by using an air compressor. Next is to clean the table and fence by using a sponge and mild cleaning solution that is safe to use on metals.

For the blades, use a metal brush to remove dirt. Always read the manual first before sharpening the blades and applying lubricant to the saw and its parts.

Check for loose bolts and nuts, tears in the power cord, and if there are problems with other moving parts.

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