Fabulous Pies for upcoming Pi Day and February Favorites!

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Happy March! I cannot believe it’s already March – like, what? Why is the time going by so darn fast. February went by in a blink of an eye… it’s almost scary.

The good thing about March is Pi Day of course! March is also the month that I started this blog back in 2012. Also, it’s my mom’s birthday in a few days. March is clearly an awesome month for many reasons.

I’ll keep it short today by showing you guys a fabulous collection of all kinds of pies for Pi Day! Whether you want to keep it traditional or fun or savory.. try these pies for yourself! They’re bound to make your Pi Day that much more awesome.

And if you don’t follow me on YouTube yet… what are you waiting for? Go subscribe to my channel and you can be updated with videos I post before (and if) I post them onto the blog. Here’s a video I posted yesterday with some FAVORITES from the month of February. The month has been quite the busy one and March is setting out to be even busier but stay tuned nonetheless. Fun things are going to unfold, I’m sure.

What’s your favorite thing from February?
What is your FAVORITE type of pie?

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. Pie for pi day makes a ton of sense!!!

  2. Hi Kammie– I’ve been trying to reach you and for some reason, the email contact isn’t working. Anyway– I’d like to know if you’d be interested in writing a healthy eating article for our summer edition print. Please email me if you’re interested. Looking forward to speaking with you!

  3. I have been looking for oil and flour alternatives. I had not heard about avocado oil. I will definitely check that out.

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