Farewell, My Delicious Yogurt Addiction. Farewell.

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Do you like yogurt?


I love yogurt. I love it so much that I recently realized that yogurt is what’s really holding me back from eating properly. It is messing up any healthy eating habits I may otherwise acquire.

No, scratch that. Yogurt is fine. It’ my yogurt parfaits that really get me.

I know it sounds ridiculous. Believe me, I know. But I’m pretty sure I’m addicted. And not the goodย kind of addicted.


I used to think it was a good kind of addicted. Or at least, that’s what I would tell myself. After all, Greek yogurt is freaking delicious and it’s healthy! Many bloggers would surely agree with me on this one, right Stellina?

But yogurt is fine, actually. The real culprit here are my yogurt concoctions. My amazingly delicious yogurt parfaits. I’m not being humble here clearly but I absolutely love those creations. There are so many different ways to prepare a yogurt parfait, the options are endless.


You may already know how much I love yogurt concoctions from reading my WIAW posts. I love adding a big variety of things to it depending on my mood.

Coconut flour (get a great deal on Coconut flour by clicking here) absorbs the moisture while adding flavor so I am able to add some almond milk or kefir to create more volume and smoothness.

PB2 adds a deliciously peanut buttery flavor and makes it even creamier.

Cocoa powder is one of my most frequent additions because I just adore chocolate.

Then I would top it with a variety of things ranging from cereal to mixed frozen fruit to nut butters. I used to also drizzle with honey until I realized the nut butter + honey combo was a trigger food for me so I use that addition less now but I still manage to find other toppings to include.

[2 minute autumn flavored peanut butter topped on a yogurt concoction]

yogurt concoction by www.sensualappealblog.com/ #yogurt #cereal #breakfast #snack

Fact of the matter is, my yogurt concoctions were pretty intense. There was always a LOT going on in these babies. And I absolutely loved it. I loved it so much I think I developed an actual habit out of eating them.

After much pondering about what it is that holds me back from sticking to regular eating habits; eating the right amounts of food and the right kinds of food; why I don’t eat more veggies; why I love sweet foods so much..

I realized every time I would “mess up” it would be because of a yogurt parfait.

Even though I would make them pretty big… after eating one, I usually felt like I wanted more. They are just so good. And sometimes, even when I knew I was full, I wanted another. And sometimes, I would allow myself another. It’s hard not to, after all, it’s all healthy right?

Not when it’s all you eat though!

You see, in the midst of my yogurt parfait addiction I would think of these concoctions often. I would get intense cravings. I would feel the cravings in my body, like in my very core I felt this longing, this desire, that would be fixated on a yogurt concoction. It would be all I could think about when the craving came about until I could finally satisfy that craving.

And no, it’s not just a craving for yogurt. I’ve tried eating yogurt by itself and that doesn’t do the trick – it has to be the monstrous creation of mine that are yogurt concoctions with all of its additions and topping glory.

There was a day several days where I ate a yogurt concoction for almost every meal. Like a few days ago… I ate it for every single meal. Every. Single. Meal. What the hell? That’s not right. That’s not healthy! But I couldn’t help myself. With the thought in my mind that it’s healthy and full of protein (yay) I tended to omit the fact that it is also full of sugar. Granted, I use plain nonfat yogurt (lowest sugar) and low sugar cereals as additions but still. Plus I highly doubt eating dairy this much is any good.

So I figured out at first it was just the yogurt’s fault. But then whenever I would vow myself to not eat yogurt I would come up with alternate ways to create my concoctions. I would use kefir. I would use frozen banana protein soft serve instead of the yogurt. It would come close but it wouldn’t exactly hit the spot. But it was close.

If I eat yogurt by itself, I feel… disappointed. It’s like it’s not living up to its fullest potential. It could be so much more!

Additionally I also don’t feel this way when I eat frozen yogurt – it ranks in a totally different category for me. It is delicious and amazing and everything but I categorize it as a dessert while I (for some odd reason) categorize my own yogurt parfaits as actual meals or snacks (ha, that’s laughable).

The cravings are very specific… they point straight to my creations. It’s so weird. And ridiculous.

So I came to a conclusion it’s the yogurt parfaits of mine that need to go.

How do I know this? The intense specific cravings. The potential. The additions. The satisfaction I feel that gets quickly replaced by wanting more. The intense desire to eat it at any time of the day – and it’s really the ONLY thing I ever want to eat.

So I’m saying goodbye yogurt parfaits. We will have to part ways for a while. It’s been amazing knowing you but I just can’t do this anymore. It’s really hard. Trust me, I’m in emotional pain. But getting rid of this habit is the best thing for me right now, I think.

Farewell my yogurt parfait addiction. Farewell.

Leย Sigh.

Have you ever had any strange food addictions/habits/cravings?

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. I definitely crave yogurt parfaits, but I’m keeping mine. I really think they are healthy! There was a time were I got a little too into them (like three or four a day) but now I just eat one (but every single day) and find that works well for me. Maybe if you set a limit of one a day? The yogurt does provide minerals and fiber and all that…and what’s life without enjoyment? But you might actually enjoy them more if you only have one a day, because you won’t have the guilt!

    • I’ve actually tried eating only one and I would do well for a few days and then suddenly I would crack and eat it for every meal again. The cravings just get way too strong for it. That’s why I’ve decided to let it go completely for a while. I’ll put plain yogurt back into my life in a few weeks but not in the majestic parfait form.

  2. I understand completly! I am addicted to yogurt too! I could easily replace every meal with yogurt and be satisfied. Like you, I don’t care for it plain, it has to be some form of a parfait. I have cut back to one yogurt a day, but I’ll tell ya I could eat it way more, way more!! I actually panic when I’m out of it! Good for you realizing your addiction. I wish you the best of luck!

  3. Mmm… Yoghurt is delicious. It tastes good even without toppings… But it’s also perfect with cereals, fruits, millet groats, oatmeal… Healthy and tasty thing ๐Ÿ™‚ And your parfaits look so yummy!

  4. Your cravings do sound pretty intense! They sound darned good, though. Good luck with giving them up.

  5. I totally understand this Kammie. I used to be a very big yogurt addict, it’s very much like you described I almost felt addicted to it. Now, I haven’t had yogurt in weeks and I don’t crave it at all. I know you will do what is best for your body, so good luck with this!:)

  6. I absolutely and wholeheartedly understand what you’re talking about with your intense cravings! I have cravings like that all.the.time. BUT because I’m such a foodie and am completely obsessed with all things food, everything I want I crave with an intensity like that. I have very specific cravings too. I’m not like, “Oh, I’m craving steak” it’s more like “OMG, I’m craving a medium-rare ribeye drizzled with a balsamic reduction and Gorgonzola cheese served alongside a baked sweet potato with cinnamon, and if I don’t get it I’m going to die and my husband will be miserable for the rest of his life” :/ Ridiculous, I know. Ugh. I don’t even want to know what it’s going to be when when I get knocked up! Good luck with your new goal! It’ll be tough, but you can do it!

    • Haha you’re funny but it’s soo true. Man, it’s hard to deal with, I guess we have to learn to deal with it on our own terms. Thanks for stopping by Amber!

  7. Hi Kammie–love how honest you are with this. It helps us all to be aware of anything we might be overdoing because it seems healthy. I know I can’t buy any sugary boxed cereal, or sweet and salty popcorn, or I have no self-control at all! We’ve all got out things.

    And let me say you parfaits do look amazing! Don’t be too influenced by health claims on packages–especially low fat/fat free. Fat actually makes you feel full and satisfied, so if you’re eating organic, that’s okay to have. Eating yogurt with lots of sweeter ingredients and little to no fat actually makes you crave more food. Your body is smart and craves nutrients, so even if you’ve just eaten a meal, if it’s not very nutrient dense, you are likely to crave more.

    When I started school for nutrition, a model one of my prof’s gave us was to aim for 3/4 of our plate being veggies–it’s tough but puts things into perspective!

    • Ahh yeah… I still have to get into liking veggies more. I mean, I like veggies but let’s just say if I liked veggies as much as I like yogurt I would be much thinner haha

      But that’s alright. Thanks for the comment Lauren!

  8. Thanks for being so honnest. I can imagine it was hard writing this post, and I can imagine it will be hard giving up your yoghurt parfaits.

    I’m pretty sure I have an addictive personality. If I like a song I will listen to it over and over and over again until the cows come home. People get annoyed with me for playing it continually. I’m the same with food though as well. Once I find something I like, I’ll pretty much each it over and over again. I don’t get bored with it. It probably makes me want more. At the moment I am addicted to oats for breakfast, creating different oatmeals in the morning. I can already see what I’m doing, I try not to eat oats every morning, but I have them most mornings. If I were to start eating them for every meal I would do the same as you and cut them out.

    I’ve also become addicted to “dieting” (I hate that word…I’ll say actively losing weight) and eating clean and healthy.

    Identifying our trigger foods is hard but can also mean we can heal, not repeat the same patterns and become healthier, not just on the outside but on the inside too, and in our mind.

    I have a massive sweet tooth as well. Chocolate and cake are my down falls.Put them together and I find it VERY hard to resist. We love sweet stuff in our family. I also love carbs – bread, pasta and noodles especially. I try and limit my intake of cakes and chocolate and not eat too much bread, pasta and noodles, so I don’t go overboard, go crazy, totally indulge and overeat. But sometimes I do. On the whole now I don’t as much, but I’m still working on it.

    • Thanks so much for sharing! My roommate is similar like you described your music thing except she’s like that with movies. I think she watches a movie she likes 100 times. Like every day. And a few times a day too. Her latest craze was with Pitch Perfect. haha I can’t do it. Twice is enough for me lol

      I was pretty inticed with dieting although I didn’t call it that either. Actively losing weight. Yeah, that sounds like my life the past 3 years.

      I’ve taken to stop dieting and paying more attention to my body and what I can do to just stop obsessing over what I eat and just try to be healthy and focus on being HAPPY.

      Good luck!

  9. I understand completely. That’s me with dessert. Once I get on that train I can’t get off of it. I’ll even need dessert after breakfast! I do love my yogurt, but I try to limit dairy as a protein source to 1x a day. Otherwise my skin breaks out. Bah.

  10. I have a very addictive personality too and my latest obsession is waffles. Waffles and microwave buckwheat bakes. It’s hard to even think about giving those up, but I’m starting to notice that my body has grown tolerant of those foods and they simply don’t satisfy my hunger physically the way they used to. As humans, we are meant to have variety in our diets. It’s just so damn hard when our favorite foods are so delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I knowww right! sigh. I guess you and I are both creatures of habit. I have been thinking about getting a waffle maker and then my roommate got one so I’m excited to start using it!

  11. Ok, so I know I’m UBER late to the “farewell party” on this, but since you linked it in your Currently post, I just had to see what you were talking about. I TOTALLY understand what you mean…I definitely have an addicted/all-or-nothing personality and the fact that I surround myself with food (food blogs, food magazines, food SHOPPING!) doesn’t always help. For me, it’s peanut butter. I had to STOP thinking about it as a main ingredient in my meal/snack and start seeing it as a “compliment” Plus, it NEVER feels me up…I’m always hungry an hour or so after I eat it! So now, I try to limit myself to 1/2 tablespoon at a time…and yes, I measure it…because I have to! Ha! But I usually play a little “trick” on my mind and thin it out with water so it LOOKS like more…OR I’ll just have peanut flour instead. Actually, I just realized the other day that peanut flour and a banana is SO much more filling than peanut BUTTER and a banana! And I don’t feel at all like I’m restricting/depriving myself!

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  13. Did you get over it? I am so addicted, I also have my yogurt everyday, sometimes for all my meals! It sounds crazy, but it’s just soooo good! I have 0%fat plain Greek yogurt, I mix in lots of cocoa to make it chocolatey, a dash of cinnamon. I chop up almonds and mix those in there, and then top the yogurt with low fat Special K granola, and then fresh strawberries or blueberries. My husband thinks I’m absolutely crazy, but I can’t help it, it’s soooo good! I figure I’m getting protein, good fats, carbs and fruit, right? Lol

    • Girl… I absolutely understand. Seriously, I was there before. I have had days where yogurt parfaits would be ALL I’d eat. And it’d be ALL I’d crave! I made mine very eloquent and fancy too, a lot of additions. As i became more and more aware of my body and conscious of how I feel, I realized that yogurt makes me actually feel bloated. I think most of us are lactose sensitive and having so much dairy can make our tummy and our body overall distressed and that’s what I think was happening to me and is probably happening to you even if you may not realize it. I read somewhere that whenever we crave too much of one thing, if probably because you eat too much of it and your body is trying to get rid of it, so you subconsciously try to replenish to “void” of it. Hmm, I don’t know if I explained that right. Another thing I read is that we have “bugs” in our tummy that become activated when we eat something we shouldn’t eat. In the sense of yogurt, lactose may cause our tummy’s “bugs” to act up and be confused, therefore causing us to crave more of it. I know, this may not make too much sense, I don’t have data to back this up right now but I am actually doing some research on this and will post about it in the near future so please stay tuned!

      To go back to your original question, the only way to not eat so much is to simply stop buying it. The first few days are HARD. I mean, if yogurt was all I’d crave, I seriously felt like I was going crazy when I didn’t have any – it was ALL I wanted! But that’s also what made me think the “bugs” theory was right (obviously they aren’t real bugs, hope we are on the same page here), it was almost like withdrawal symptoms – this could be related to the fact that yogurt does have a lot of sugar. Granted, it is naturally-occuring sugar but it is STILL sugar. After a few days, your body gets rid of all of the lactose remains and you no longer crave it as much. You also begin to eat more normally. Yogurt is the culprit for why I didn’t eat enough veggies too and once I stopped eating it so much, I realized I had the taste for so many other, healthier, foods -like veggies.

      Wow, sorry for the winded comment. ๐Ÿ™

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