My Favorite 3-Step Meditation Process to De-Stress Easily

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My Favorite 3-Step Meditation Process to De-Stress Easily

I am not gonna lie.

This is my first ever guest post. I am little nervous and lot intimidated. As an Empowerment Educator, I write lessons, a blog and send email mini-lessons just about every day…but, guesting is like giving a little gift of myself and (of course) I want it to be perfect. For you. For our gracious host, Kammie. Perfect, because I cannot bear to imagine saying all of the wrong things and sharing them out into web-land.

But, guess what?

One of my closest friends calls me an “overcomer” and I like to believe it. I’ve learned the hard way what happens when you put on the Perfectionism Pants and decide to join the “Keep Doing More Or You Will Fail” Club. Cancer and adrenal exhaustion taught me that letting go (at least a little) is mandatory practice and that not taking time for me is NOT an option. I have learned much as a lover, fighter, solopreneur, survivor. And, I straight-up live to empower you! I refuse to let a little anxiety stop me from teaching you how to sneak in a few minutes each day for introspection, self-care and healing.


These days, the favorite live and online lessons I teach combine meditation, movement (borrowed from tai chi and yoga), EFT/tapping (to let go of the junk) and positive affirmations (that we sneak in after slipping into a cozy, comfortable self-hypnotic state). They are short, sweet and oh so soothing! I am beyond excited to share one with you…

But “Wait!,” you say.

“Meditation is intimidating. Hypnosis makes me nervous. What if I can’t do the tai chi moves perfectly?”

Alright. You KNOW I get it. And, I purposely created this combination for beginners. It is all about quick de-stress techniques that you simply can not do wrong.

So, I say, “Please let me help you.”

I promise that you will get the hang of it if you promise to try it a few times…at least long enough to decide which parts resonate with you the most. Pinky swear. 😉

You’re ready, right? Take a calming breath and let’s get started…



Standing adds a dynamic physicality to this meditation. Start by standing comfortably, then:

Imagine yourself making solid contact with the earth. Without its support, you will not have stability. Without a solid foundation and deep roots, you will not grow. In order to fully manifest your needs, you must be able to connect with your body, the earth and the reality around you. Grounding offsets the effects of stress and enhance the joy of being alive. When grounded, you feel safe and secure and others feel safe around you.

Bring your attention to the base of your spine to find a red ball of energy, glowing like the core of the earth. Feel this energy moving down your legs, through your knees and into your feet. Feel it running beyond your toes, through the floor, into the ground beneath you.

Continue watching this warm red, comforting glow becoming your roots and digging deep into Mother Earth. They burrow between rocks and roots, finding nourishment, support and stability. You continue pushing your roots even deeper into the soil, through the layers, into the earth’s guts of red-hot lava, into its source of life and movement and power. Take deep comfort in this connection.

Imagine it settling you, calming you, grounding you. Deep within your roots your find your past, your memories and your most primal self. Breathe into this groundedness, as you release into the earth anything that’s holding you back from feeling fully supported. With every inhale, you feel more connected. Every exhale, letting go.

Take a deep breath… and let it go again.

See your body – head, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, belly, pelvis, legs, feet glowing red and warm. Rooting down below the surface of the earth… finding stability, finding nourishment and finding peace.



From the the same comfortably standing position:

Imagine that large, red ball of energy in front of you. At waist height, it is large enough to surround your midsection and when you extend your arms out, directly in front of your chest, your hands rest on the top of it.

Raise your hands now, extend them forward and rest them on the top of the red ball of energy.

Take a deep breath in and on the exhale, slowly begin to press it down.

Once down, breathe again and allow the ball to rise with its own energy.

Sense its buoyancy. Similar to a large beach ball, floating on the surface of a waist-deep pool – you must force it below the surface. But, when you stop actively pressing, it rises all on its own.

Again, Exhale, slowly press it down again. Inhale, let it rise.

One more time, exhale as you press the ball of energy down… inhale as you let it rise back up.



This time, get comfortable while sitting or lying. If you lie down on your back, you may enjoy a bolster under your knees, a pillow under your head and possibly a blanket to keep you warm.
Focus as much as you can on what you see, how it feels, what you hear, smell or even taste during this portion of the lesson. Listen carefully, so you can talk yourself right into accepting some powerful, grounding suggestions. Breathe in a comfortable, steady rhythm throughout this lesson.

Read calmly and quietly to yourself:

I feel calm. I feel heavy… as I begin to relax.
I am peaceful and I am warm… making me even more completely comfortable.
When I decide to go into my soothing hypnotic state, I will become 10 times more relaxed and comfortable than I am now.

I am going to watch myself take a walk down a gorgeous, grassy hill. Starting at the very top, each step down the hill brings me another step closer to deep relaxation. I’ll count them down from 10 – 1. From where I am now at the top of the green, grassy hill to the very bottom – every step brings me closer to the bottom and closer to complete comfort.

10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… and 1…

I reach the very bottom as I relax into 10 times more complete comfort.

Deeply relaxed and completely comfortable, my mind is now totally open and accepting… Of these suggestions:

I feel connected to my body. It is important to me. I nurture it constantly.

I release all fear. I are safe and protected. My needs are met with abundance.

I know that I am exactly where I belong.

Now, as I count from one to three, I will awaken… feeling wonderfully grounded when I get to five…

1… I am slowly becoming more aware of my surroundings…
2… feeling more safe and secure than ever.
3… I am fully alert and feeling wonderfully grounded!

Today’s lesson teaches you to recognize and balance your first energy center (root chakra). You don’t have to know exactly what that means…just practice, learn and decide how the content of this lesson will help YOU feel more grounded and energized. Next time, I will explain chakras more and our lesson will include the pleasure and passion of your second energy center (sacral chakra)…and, it will be more effective if you are grounded and growing those amazing roots! 😉

In health and happiness,
xo suni


Empowerment Educator and founder of The S-Unit [ ]

Moving Meditation: Chakra Series: Get Grounded

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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