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Hello everyone! I wanted to take today to do a SPOTLIGHT FEATURE on one of our wonderful Sensual Appeal writers – Aneta Duszynska! Say a hello & welcome and read on…


She’s written some wonderful pieces for us here and I am so pleased to have her on the contributors’ team.

Aside from your professional bio… Tell us a little bit more about what you do? 

I am very proud to say that a lot of what I do professionally is also what I am passionate about so whether I coach or I blog, I cook or do health research, it doesn’t feel like the ‘career’ that I have to balance with my life. Besides that, there are more passions! I enjoy all kinds of games, from board games to card games to computer games to RPG. With my partner Dawid (a heavy-duty game lover and researcher) we are creating a card game that is all about dragons. This is super exciting and a lot of fun! Other than that, travels are a big part of my life. Or should I say – living in places for a longer amounts of time? In the last 5 years, my home was in Australia, then briefly in States, in UK, Macedonia, Italy and Montenegro. Living like this for such a long time, with ‘no base’ to come back to, having all we own with us, is a great lesson of both, minimalist and personal values.

What got you interested in health & wellness?

Health was always very important for me as I am a high-achiever and I need my system to support me. Yet, I realized how much I know about health and how fit I am while living in Australia. The level of obesity there and conversations I had were very eye-opening for me. I realized it was about time I shared my knowledge. I took it to the next level by graduating from ‘Food for Thoughts’ a nutrition and wellness course organized by McGill University in Canada. Now, I coach and I blog about well-being, and am about to launch an English culinary and wellness blog Guild of Taste.


What’s always been the number 1 favorite thing about health and helping people around it?

My obsession is energy. So that we never run out of fuel and always have ways to support us in doing what matters the most to us. I look around and see thousands and thousands of people who are exhausted on the daily basis and force themselves to carry on. They are masters of hiding how they really feel so they can’t even support each other. They may get enough sleep. They may meditate. They may even have a perfect diet. But they forget that a human body is a very united mechanism and if even one part is not functioning at its best, it affects the whole system. And yet, a lot of people think they can afford not taking care of their mindset. In my latest book ‘Rekindle. When Coffee, Pills and Adrenaline Are Not Enough’ I am sharing with my readers three main mind habits that we all execute that drain our energy. I also suggest ways how to replace them. And you know what, so far, it’s working!

Share your most inspiring story that happened to you or one of your clients that can inspire our readers to continue on their healthy living journey?

To choose one story doesn’t make justice to my clients as everyone has their own personal journey and it is not for others to rate them. Because who is more inspirational? A man who after years of grief shook off and decided to leave his CEO position and follow the dream to travel the world? Or a woman at the edge of suicide who now is a happy mom of a little girl and enjoys her life every day? Or an extremely shy woman who overcame her fears and now runs big workshops for her audience?

I would like to share a story that is most relevant here. I worked with a woman who is a high-achiever. A beautiful, intelligent and lovely woman. She runs her own health and wellness coaching business while also home-schooling her child. She is a total PRO in health and wellness and she walks her talks. And yet, when we first met, she suffered from insufficient energy. We all know how it feels when there is so much to do, so much that turns us on, yet the body simply can’t make it. We went through her energy distribution patters and her mindset habits and were able to distinguish what drains her and how it can be replaced. For instance, we’ve noticed that popular goal setting practices are causing her more harm than good. So we replaced them with sustainable systems designed for her specific needs. All of the sudden, 24 hours were long enough not only to work and teach but also to have fun and relax. To observe her diet and conduct experiments, re-incorporate detox and many more. Funny thing, with her energy levels up, her weight went down, her income went up and so did her happiness. Now, she makes herself ready to travel around the world with her child while still working with her clients and home-schooling her child. If this is not an inspiring story about what’s possible, than what is?

What’s the biggest misconception people have about health & wellness that you wish they would just STOP believing?

Oh, there are so many! Can I go with two? 😉 The first that comes to my mind is the belief still quite popular these days that fat is sexy. It is driving me mad. I know this is designed to make a lot of obese people feel better. But my question is – isn’t that a silent killer? One keeps being fat and sexy and may never get a chance to go to their kids graduation nor hold their grandchildren and there is a whole line of diseases grinning at them and looking to approach: heart diseases, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and many more! How sexy is dying in pain?

The other misconception I would love to wave my magic wand and make disappear is the appreciation to low-fat high-carb diet. Even though highly recommended, research shows that it doesn’t make any difference for healthy people and tend to be harmful for those with weight issues! Proteins and fats on the other hand are so much better for us than once assumed. Plus, they don’t contain any gluten and for me personally, gluten is a number 1 enemy of a healthy, focused and fit person as it not only can affect our body yet also our brain functions. And guess what? You usually eat a lot of gluten on a high-carb diet!


What’s your favorite way to get your move on?

OMG! Is it bad to say?! A quickie! 🙂

Other than that – pumping music and dancing! It feels like it clears my mind and activates my whole body even the parts I sometimes forget exist. Zumba is a great activity for me, too. Especially if I connect it with walking to the gym rather than driving there. The minimum is walking our cat on the daily basis. I know that whatever I can get to make my body spend more calories on keeping me alive will keep me fit in a long run.

What’s your favorite meal & your favorite thing to eat for that meal?

You mean one??? Impossible to say. I LOVE eating and I love diversity. Yet, I guess, the most attention I pay for dinners so let’s say dinner is my favorite meal. I love for any dish I’d have for dinner to be served warm, quite spicy (not necessarily super-hot but for sure not bland) and be a combination of tones of vegetables and some meat. Stir-fries, all kind of curries, risottos, these kind of things. A glass of a great wine is welcome, too!

How do you work with people currently?

Currently, I am transitioning from exclusively one-on-one coaching to a variety of forms. I do still coach (as I love doing it) and take on new clients who are willing to manage their energy levels more efficiently and discover what lies behind what they believe they want and how to get there much quicker.

I am also super-excited (fingers crossed!) for my book ‘Rekindle. When Coffee, Pills and Adrenaline Are Not Enough’ to be launched soon. The beta-tests have proven it to be working miracles and now I want to share it with the world. Chapter 1 is currently available for download and soon the whole updated eBook will be there! Then, I am planning on running seminars, webinars, offering digital workbooks and many more…

Plus, last year I started blogging. It happened quite randomly as one of my VIP clients is on her path to be a successful blogger and I decided to join the blogging world, too, to be able to support her at my best. And so, my partner and I started a food blog in Polish called Kulinarne Eureki and are about to launch an English twin-blog Guild of Taste. This way we can reach a lot more people and share with them proven ways not only to be healthy yet also to keep their energy levels up and build a better life for themselves and those around them.

What’s one thing you can share with us that most people don’t know about you?

I get really hurt whenever I think of all these heroes who fight for our freedom, for the values that we build our civilization on and that have their heart in America. My deepest ‘why’ (that so far I only shared with a very few people closest to me) and my long-term dream is to serve these soldiers who served us and to help those of them who have troubles redefining themselves within society after they come back home. Co-operating with the government, I dream of creating a program that would make the transition smooth or for some – even possible. I also want to establish an animal sanctuary to offer food, shelter and safety for all unwanted animals, including wild life and animals that have been smuggled and captured. In my vision, ex-soldiers who choose to could help me run it and fulfill themselves in this sanctuary. There is a wealth of research showing numerous benefits of this kind of care-giving and care-taking to both parties involved. It is a big dream, I know, therefore I have no choice but make it happen.


Aneta’s blog posts on Sensual Appeal include:


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