Fitness Friday #2

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Friday: Pull strength training including legs, back, biceps, and calves. I did really well! Between each set, I would do some lighter exercises that dealt with different muscle groups (still one of the ones I was training) just to keep my heart rate up. I ended up adding in tricep dips for an extra measure as well as some abs and a bunch of extra squats. I also progressed in every muscle group and did a heavier weight than in the start except for biceps. I’m still stuck on 10s for biceps, sigh.

Later on, I also did a short ab routine from The Sweaty Betties.

Saturday: I was going to do Zumba for cardio but I didn’t. I was too tired and I had to go shoot at 3pm which would leave me only 20 minutes to get ready after Zumba and I decided to skip it. I did end up walking a lot that day though although I don’t consider that exercise per se, but I did have movement.

Sunday: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So lazy, I didn’t even change out of my PJ’s. I woke up very tired from too little sleep (5 hours is not enough for me) which hindered my motivation and self control. I might have eaten too much too. But I’m not sorry. I’m only human. Tomorrow is another day.

Monday: Push strength training including chest, shoulders, triceps, abs. I did well but not as well as I could have. I was also very excited when I woke up because I got my period (it’s been so irregular) but not because I’m afraid of being pregnant (not a chance) but because my previous lazy bum day is excused in my mind now. So I don’t feel like crap 🙂 I improved on shoulders today and lifted a bit heavier than I did last time!

Tuesday: I was feeling lazy again but kicked my butt off the couch and went to the gym for an evening cardio session in which I did 40 minutes on the elliptical, interval mode while reading a new book I got from the library. I really need to get back into the cardio funk. I’ve been wanting to just lazy it out so much lately. Sigh.

Wednesday: In the morning I did a Pull strength training including legs, back, biceps, and calves. I did really well and progressed in each body part by lifting heavier than before! I also included functional rest periods in which I did random bodyweight exercises instead of just standing around between sets, I’ve been diggin’ it – makes me feel like I’m doing a lot better. I love strength training. I just wish I had the same love for cardio…

Later on, I was browsing through Google Reader before my 6p class and saw Fitnessista posted a short booty burner on her blog. I’m a sucker for quickie workouts so I went ahead and did it. It got my heart rate nice and high. Definitely woke me up 🙂

Thursday: Push strength training including chest, shoulders, triceps, abs. I progressed on my triceps this time! Yay! Also, I think I need to start doing a three way split for strength training instead of the two-way push-pull split. I don’t feel like I am working myself hard enough with this split. I took a picture of my arms progress, which I don’t really think look like they’ve progressed very much but oh well. In time, I guess.

Doesn’t one look bigger than the other? I mean, I know you have to really stare to see any muscle, still, but yeah… 

I’m totally loving the quickie workouts that I can do without going to the gym. My dorm apartment is pretty small so I prefer doing some extra stuff in my tiny room, but I am also open to going out in the living room for a short quickie as well, as long as my roommates aren’t home haha.


Questions for you:

  • Do you like quickie workouts?
  • Do you know of any quickie workout videos for me to try out?


Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. Ugh one of my arms is slightly larger than the other, as is one of my legs (calves and thighs). I know others don’t notice it but I do and it drives me crazy! Haha. Your arms are looking good though!!

    • Thanks! yeah, my mom noticed when I had her stare at it haha I’m so lame. But I just really need to focus on dropping fat so you can actually start seeing the muscle more. Sigh.

  2. I prefer to take my time at the gym but sometimes I do squeeze in a quick work-out in my lunch break, so either do some TRX exercises in circuit or barbell metabolic circuit -3-4 rounds with 10 min treadmill warm-up and 5 min stetching and I am done.

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