Fitness Fridays #1

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I would randomly do Five Things Fridays where I talk about random finds but I think I can do that on any ol’ post. Alliteration is cool, and I need another way to stay accountable for exercising. Also, I want to be able to have room to talk about my fitness successes or failures (hopefully not many of those will be happening, unless we’re talking about failure in lifting, that is! hehe) So this will be a weekly recap of what I did over the week. If that’s not keeping myself accountable, I don’t know what is. I got the idea from Lindsay.

Saturday: I usually do Zumba on Saturdays but I stayed out pretty late on Friday and slept in accidentally so I missed it. On an upside, I didn’t have a hangover because I actually slept enough hours. I ended up going to the gym at 6p to do some cardio

  • I went on the elliptical (interval workout on the machine) for 15 minutes;
  • Then I went on a threadmill and did 20 minutes HIIT with the low interval being 1.0 incline, 4 mph and the high interval being 3.0 incline, 6 mph. Then a slow jog for 5 min at 4.8 mph to cool down. The machine said I burned ~200 calories. Not bad, I think? Right? It’s my first HIIT on a threadmill and I actually kinda liked it! 🙂

Sunday: Strength Training (push day) which includes legs, back, biceps, and calves. I was super proud of how my calves were looking. Progression is a great motivator!

Monday: cardio – I went for a jog outdoors in the evening. I didn’t really feel like it at first but then I did it and guess what… I rocked at it! It was great. I used the RunKeeper app for the first time and I loved how the lady would say something every 5 minutes to keep me in check without having me check my phone for time. Then all of the stats at t the end were awesome, it was great knowing how fast, far, and well I did. I think I did pretty damn well for someone who isn’t a regular jogger, right? I gave myself a pat on the back!

Tuesday: Pull Strength Training day which includes chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs.

Wednesday: REST; but I did a photoshoot which lasted 6 hours and we did a whole lot of walking – I clocked in at 8 thousand steps just during the shoot! *high five*

Thursday: Rest… accidental. I was just lazy. Also had a cheat day. Oops…

Friday (today): My plan is to do Push Strength Training (same as Sunday) when I wake up and cardio in the late afternoon, hopefully.


Another note: I did a Yoga shoot last week on Sunday and I am pretty proud of the result so I thought I would share it with you guys here. Check it out.

You can also purchase a print of my cityscape photograph on Etsy.

Well, the week started off great but got sidetracked. Today starts a new week (for the fitness tracking) so it’s okay! I’m back on track 🙂 Oh by the way, make sure you FUEL your body post-workout with protein, for example a protein bar that I’m doing a GIVEAWAY for right now. Go ahead and enter in my giveaway now!

Question for you:

  • What was the favorite workout you did this week?


Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. My favourite workout was on Wed – back day: deadlifts, pull ups, bent over rows, face pulls. Back is my strongest body part, so I enjoy back workouts the most. Thursday’s HIIT follows as close second. I do not enjoy cardio much but that day I felt like Mr Bolt 🙂 Cool pictures by the way!

    • Awesome, your back must be looking great. I really wanna be able to do pull ups eventually, I’m working towards it- it’s one of my fitness goals. Got any pointers for me?

      • I started from 0 pull ups myself, so I’ll tell you what I did. Start with assisted pull up machine and gradually decrease the assistance. If your gym does not have one, you can use chair or bench for assistance. At the end do few negatives pull ups – slow and controlled. Be patient, work on it and it will happen. Tried varied grips also. Chin ups came to me easy, then neutral grip pull ups and only lately I mastered proper unassisted pull-ups.

        • Awesome thank you, my gym doesn’t have the assisted pull up machine but I’ll try doing it with the bench over for assistance. I am determined! 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

  2. Sounds like you’re doing AWESOMELY!! My favorite workout day is usually Thursdays when I go to two classes at my gym – core conditioning and total body conditioning. I feel like my body gets worked all over!

  3. Great workouts! My favorite workout this week was chest/bicep day. I was able to curl 20# for the first time!

  4. In that case start with both feet on the bench to assist using your feet as little as possible and mainly trying to pull yourself up with your back and arm muscles. Then progress to one foot assistance and do negatives every time – they really help.

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