Fitness Fridays #3

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Friday – Nada – lacking motivation.

Saturday – I made sure not to drink too much last night so I can finally go back to Zumba class and I made it. I LOVED it. I realized how much I missed going, it’s such a fun fun time every single time I go. I really needed it, Zumba is definitely my favorite way to get my cardio in – especially this Zumba class. The instructor is the best; it was an ongoing party for 60 minutes and I was sweating by the end. Just what I needed to fall back in love with this awesome class. Not missing another class again!

Sunday – Belly dancing class which didn’t really work me very much at all so I decided to walk home afterwards instead of taking the bus. It was a nice 50 minute walk back.

Monday – I went to see my parents in the suburbs for a while and I’ve had a bad lazy day. I needed motivation and Tamara gave me just that. My parents take daily walks so I asked them if they would like to do one and we went ahead and walk around the neighborhood for 30 minutes.

Tuesday – Strength training in the morning, it’s time to get back in the grind! I created brand new schedule for the month to come and all of the exercises with a three day split for strength training. Today I worked my chest, back, and abs. I improved on my chest and back since last time 🙂

Wednesday – Strength training for the legs. I wasn’t looking forward to it too much but I actually loved it. I improved on the lunges and it was my first time doing the deadlift in 2 months but I did well! I also kept my rest periods between sets functional as before. I’ve been loving keep busy during rest periods, screw standing around – gotta get that heart rate up and going! Make the most of it! Anyway, my arms from yesterday are sore even though I worked back and shoulders haha but I love it anyway! I’m happy to say I’m back in the zone! 🙂

Thursday – Cardio – Warmed up on the treadmill for 8 minutes, then went ahead and tried doing this workout. Sorry, I have no idea who created it cause it’s not marked but I’ll link to it if anyone knows who the owner is.

Unfortunately, my legs were way too sore to continue to halfway through the first circuit I decided to do a regular HIIT cardio workout with random exercises that would pop into my head, from jumping jacks to burpees to jump rope. At 45 seconds high interval and 15 seconds rest. I ended with 8 more minutes jogging on the treadmill.


This week has been tough for me. I have fallen off the wagon a bit with my motivation weakening and my self control having taken a turn. I have been actively trying to get back in the workout zone and after changing up my routine quite a bit with the strength training  I have gotten myself back in the zone. At least, for the most part. I needed a refresher. I love strength training so much but I need to remember to not neglect my cardio if I want to burn more fat.



Question for you:

  • How many times a week do you do cardio?

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. Ha, ha! Happy to have helped! Now if you have a little extra motivation you’d like to Tweet my way, I sure could use it today!

  2. This is so random but we have like the same handwriting haha I do cardio way too much.. I was never a fan of strength training :p

    • Haha really? That’s funny. I hate my handwriting so I’m sorry you have the same one haha. Man, I really need to get on the cardio train. It’s been getting better though lately!

  3. Looks like a good week of workouts! Cardio is good, but remember that muscle also burns fat. I don’t do any cardio anymore and haven’t gained a pound since I stopped running.

  4. Any sort of workout is better than no workout right? So don’t get yourself down and be proud instead!

    Also, you know you’re growing up (and care about your health) when you consciously limit drinking in order to be able to complete a workout the next day 🙂 I’m the same way nowadays!

  5. I hate lunges.. no matter how many I do I just can’t love them! Don’t worry so much if you lack motivation for one week – it is probably your body asking for rest. Sounds like you did a pretty good job in fitting in some awesome workouts though 🙂

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

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