Fitness Fridays #4

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Friday – I am so happy to be back on the grind. I have fallen back in love with exercise. Today I did an arm strength workout which consisted of working my shoulders, biceps, and triceps. I’ve progressed on the shoulder press but I am still stuck on 10s for biceps. It’s okay, I’ll get there. I know I’ll be ecstatic when I’m finally able to do 12 reps with 15s for bicep curls. Oh man. I can’t wait. Until then..

Progress on my right arm

Saturday – I missed Zumba but I did my cardio in the late afternoon. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical while reading a book and then I did a quick 10 minute no-equipment HIIT workout with random exercises and it was a great workout. I ended with a plank but I only got to one minute and 30 seconds :/ Meh.

Sunday – Rest. Short 30 minute walk around the neighborhood with my parents in the suburbs.

Monday – Taking it slow by just doing walking for an hour by lake Michigan and Millenium Park while listening to an audiobook. It was okay, kinda weird cause sometimes I wasn’t super focused on what was being said but it was a good way to combine the two activities I’ve wanted to do but didn’t have time to do separately. Then I made a stop by Trader Joe’s on my way back and got some groceries and walked back home. Here’s the stats from the beginning of my walk till I got home.

Tuesday – Strength training for chest, back, and abs! I was disappointed with the way I did on chest, I didn’t even do as well as last week. But I did get better on my back, thankfully. Not sure why this one wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Oh well.

Wednesday – Strength training for legs and butt! I actually loved working my legs, I usually think that I’m not a fan of doing leg workouts cause it freaking hurts but I really liked it this time. I also think I’ll be able to progress next time and do 30lbs dumbbells for lunges instead of 25s. I’m hoping my booty will be nice and round in time for next summer! I’m giving it enough time to get there eh? Being realistic!

Thursday – Today is cardio day and hot yoga later. I was set to do cardio in the morning when I woke up and my internal battle was pretty funny as I motivated myself to get out and just do it:

(alarm rings – I shut it off)
Ugh I’m tired
I didn’t sleep well..

Do I have to do cardio today?
I’m doing hot yoga after work..
I don’t have to do cardio!
My ankle is still kinda weird…
(turns over on the side)
Well I won’t fall back asleep though probably
(sits up on bed)
Maybe…. I can just read on the elliptical?
But I dot want people to look at me weird at this small gym
I’ll just jog on the treadmill
I don’t feel like jogging though
(gets up to go to bathroom)
(goes into living room)
The window is open
Oh it smells nice outside
Nice and fresh and crisp
There’s no one outside
Maybe I’ll go jogging outside?
Yeah that’s good
Just a small jog
(goes back to my room)
What shirt should I wear?
I can’t find a shirt
I’ll be too cold with a tank top
Maybe this red one?
No that’s a Bulls shirt, that’s weird
Maybe I just won’t go jogging.
No I’m gonna go jogging outside, I already decided!
Can I wear I <3 yoga shirt for jogging?
That’s kinda weird
But there’s no one outside, they won’t see
No I can’t
(looks through more clothes)
I need more regular T-Shirts
I’ll just wear the Yoga shirt
Who cares
Fuck it
(puts shirt on)
I can’t wait to go outside and jog!
I’m excited.
Ha yeah, I found it kinda funny how I went from not wanting to do cardio at all because I’m doing hot yoga later to being excited about going OUTSIDE to jog (which, I’m not a big runner and I’ve only jogged outside like three times this year haha). So the jog was awesome. My ankle is feeling a little odd, kind of like someone is pressing something onto it but it went away after 4 minutes. It’ll probably go away on its own cause it doesn’t really hurt. It’s just feels weird.
After work, I went and did “detox” hot yoga at a new place. I liked it. It was only 60 minutes and it wasn’t very intense so I didn’t even sweat that much. I always wonder why I don’t sweat so much. A girl next to me was pouring sweat. But I wasn’t. Was I not pushing enough? But there wasn’t really much to push, it was just more of a “practice” yoga to practice various poses and stuff. I was introduced to two new poses too, which was cool.
The crow. I managed to only get one foot off the floor. This one is HARD!
Dolphin (against a wall). We did this variation below and one where we were propping ourselves on our hands, not just elbows. I liked this one. I was intense and I liked to see that I was doing it right in the mirror.
 No those pictures are not of me, haha. I’m totally gonna try to do Dolphin and Crow a lot more. I like learning new poses like this 🙂
Questions for you:
  • Do you ever have internal battles to get yourself to work out? 
  • What do you say to yourself to workout when you don’t feel like doing it?

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. It’s funny to read through the battle you had in the morning. I have the same thing going on almost every morning – to excercise or not to excercise…. It can go either way!
    I have a question for you. I saw you were using an app to track your run outside – what app is it?
    Keep up the good work! It’s good to know I am not alone in trying to be fit and healthy – with all the issues along the way.

    • Haha thanks! I found it funny how quickly my mindset switched in a matter of a couple of minutes. Thankfully those battles happen less and less now, the more I work out and it’s a habit, the less I struggle which is definitely a big motivator as it is 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yeah, sometimes motivation to work is 0. In those moments I remind myself that once I get started, I’ll enjoy it and more so I will enjoy the feeling after the workout is over.

  3. Your internal battle sounds o much like mine it’s scary. 🙂

  4. That inner struggle totally sounds like me, except I run 5 days a week so I do that a lot more. You would think I would just shut up about it and go running lol 🙂

  5. Love your internal dialogue and great job for the outcome. Love those yoga poses, I want to get there one day.

  6. you are doing great, keep up the good work! I love feeling sore from weight lifting!

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