Fitness Fridays #5

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Friday – Strength training – shoulders, biceps, and triceps. I wasn’t feel entirely strong today when I woke up, not sure why. I did pretty well on the triceps and I can definitely feel them now and you can kinda see them if the lighting is right. Hopefully one day more fat will come off my arms and you’ll be able to see the muscle that I can feel is underneath. I wish I could just see it already though!

Oh yeah, I think it’s safe to say I have officially plateaued. Is that how you spell it? I have no idea. I’ve been switching my workouts up pretty well, but I’m wondering if I should add more cardio or what? I’ve been stuck on 125.5-126.5lb for the past month or so and I just want to get to 120lb already! I have a bunch of fat on me I want to get rid of but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Or maybe it is but super slowly. Any pointers for me about beating the plateau?

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Strength training – Chest, Back, Abs. It was alright. I improved on the cable rows though and now I’m up to doing 55lbs on that exercise. Not bad. But overall, the workout was just decent. Not entirely super. I don’t know why, meh. Oh well…

Anyway, then in the evening I went to my first Burlesque class. It wasn’t much of an exercise at all but it was really fun and an awesome activity. I’ll do a recap of the class once I’m done with all 4 classes (it was a deal I purchased).

Tuesday – Cardio: 35 minutes on a treadmill, jogging/walking. Nothing extreme but I was sweaty pretty nicely when I got done. I did a total of 3 miles.

In the evening I did Bikram hot yoga which was a sweaty yet fun 90 minutes. I did so well, I didn’t stop even once for rest 🙂 I’m still kinda confused about why I don’t sweat nearly as much as some other people. It’s weird.

Wednesday – Strength training – Leg day. For some reason my traps were starting to get sore later in the day even though I worked my legs today. Weird.

Thursday – For cardio today I did this circuit 3 times through except my wall sits were only 30 seconds instead of 60. I haven’t done those since high school! Been a while, I forgot how tough they are! Plus this workout was really tough to do after a leg day. Oh man.

Question for you:

  • Do you do wall sits frequently?

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. Try HITT workouts on the treadmill. That helped me bust the 125 mark. I try and do them twice a week.

  2. I think it’s always interesting to see what other bloggers do for exercise. I’m planning on doing a post on my workout routine soon.

    I love that you have a nice mix of strength and cardio going on. Thats great! 🙂

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