Fitness Fridays #7

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Friday – strength training for shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Well the shoulders stayed the same as last week but since I’m in-between 10s and 15s on biceps, I did 10s very slowly… and I think it worked pretty well. I tried making eggs after for a recovery meal and I dropped like 8358543 things during the process haha. My arms were still shaking! Love it.

So I never took pictures of my back and shoulders like this… but I think it’s good to start documenting the progress. Strangely, the left shoulder looks better (at least in the pic?) than the right. Interesting, cause I always feel like my right side is stronger than the left.

Saturday – Zumba! and it was the LAST class with my favorite instructor and it was an amazing but sad class. You should read my “tribute to zumba and goodbye to my favorite instructor, Miguel” post if you’d like to read more about it. *tear*

Sunday – Rest day buttttttt I was feeling extra lazy by not doing anything so I got up and off the couch, downloaded an audiobook (which rocks, by the way) and walked outside along the lake while enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. It was splendid and I walked for 2 hours and that included hitting up a Trader Joe’s on my way back to get some staples. I’ve gotta say I’m proud of myself for doing this. Gotta keep moving. I’m gonna start walking more, I think. It made me very happy.

Monday – Rest. My leg was hurting above my outer ankle and I decided to take it easy today.

Tuesday – Strength training for chest, back, abs. I keep improving on my back and it’s awesome. I did 60 lbs on seated cable row and pulldowns! Each week I seem to be getting better and better. So awesome!

In the evening, I did 40 minutes interval on the elliptical while reading a book by Jodi Picoult (my first one of hers! and I really like it!)

// side note// I weighed myself and I gained 5 lbs (back at 130 lbs again, ugh) although I don’t really feel it – my clothes don’t feel tighter or anything. So I’m hoping some of it is muscle but I know most of it is actual weight – I have not been logging my calories correctly, underestimating how much I’m eating, especially when it comes to nut butters. Thankfully I’m almost all out of nut butters — they are just not for me if I’m trying to lose weight. It’s too hard to log correctly and I’m sure when I thought I was eating (and logging) 1 Tbsp it was actually much more than that. I’m gonna stick to more measurable foods again and try to lose it again and hopefully drop to my goal weight by the end of the year. Only 10 lbs away now… I’m not disappointed or mad. I’m okay with it. It’s actually a good kick in the butt to stop slacking and get back on track.

Wednesday – I did this workout which gave me total DOMS the following day even though I didn’t feel like it was thaaaat tough:

No idea who came up with it. It was decent, not as good as I thought – I prefer more reps as opposed to this type of decreasing rep workout, I kept wanting to keep going and going. Especially on crunches and squats. I was still a little sweaty at the end though and I completed it in 25 minutes instead of the 30 that the pic says.

Thursday – HIIT on the treadmill for 20 minutes, 10 minutes on the elliptical and then 10-15 minutes random core and leg exercises. I do what I wannnnt. I left feeling better than great. Total endorphin high. I need to do HIIT more often! It makes me feel SO good with all the sweat… Yep.


Does weight ever sneak up on you?

How much nut butter do you usually eat in a meal/sitting?


Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. omg nut butters haha I like hoard peanut butter– tons of it in my cabinet lol I usually keep it to the serving. I measure everything though I have OCD with that lol

  2. My right arm is stronger and bigger than my left arm and it secretly annoys me 🙂 I think it’s like that for many people though. I’m so excited to see Perks of Being a Wallflower in theaters! I read the book a few months ago and loved it. And remember – weight is just a number. What matters is how you look and feel and you look GOOD!!

  3. Awesome workouts!!! I love that 10 to 6 one…I need to try it!

  4. Hey Kammie,
    Don’t be so hard on yourself!! You look great and have a nicely fit and toned body. It’s actually normal and natural for weight to fluctuate due to water, bloating etc.. even if you are eating the same amount of calories as before and working out just as hard. Sometimes my weight will fluctuate anywhere from 2-5 pounds on a daily or weekly basis. It’s normal–and doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been over-eating. It could just be water–especially if your clothes are fitting the same.

  5. Omg, nut butters are one of my biggest weaknesses! If I don’t measure out a perfect tablespoon AND put the jar back in the pantry, it is OVER! I can guarantee you that I’ve put away up to 4 tablespoons in one sitting on more than one occasion! And I swear, nut butter hangovers are the worst! x-P

    I’ve been trying to read Nineteen Minutes for months now, but I’m only a few chapters in. I used to be such a big reader, but lately, I just can’t seem to stay focussed. :-/

    Love the random day on Thursday! I do stuff like that all the time when I start getting bored with my workouts…I blame it on my adult ADD! Lol

    • Haha I feel like I might have ADD sometimes, seriously! But you should try to read Nineteen Minutes again, it’s so good – totally transports me into the book. I mean, it’s not the best story (as in, I would HATE for it to happen in real life, it’s so tragic) but it is so realistic and so genuine, it’s scary. I hope you get to relax soon, you work yourself too hard lady!

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