Fitness Recap: Best Body Bootcamp – Week 3

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Goals for week 3:

  • Consume no more than 1400 calories per day (except Sunday)
  • Eat at least 1 vegan meal per day


It’s the beginning of Phase 2! Sadly, the ladder workout was not as intense as I thought it would be – the first exercise of split squats rocked and I was struggling to do the last couple of reps.. I was happy I selected a lighter weight than I would otherwise. However, I decided to select a lighter weight than I originally thought for the other exercises and they ended up being too light for all sets. I didn’t go very low but I guess I should have went with my gut feeling and stayed with 15 lbs on rows and chest press instead of going down to 10s. Oh well… The intervals workout was tough for me and I had to adapt it to my needs, for some reason my feet/legs were hurting during the run and I ended up only doing 3 intervals and then just jogged for the rest of the cardio portion. It was more like a long gradual cool down afterwards. Meh. Not too happy with this one but I was sweating so at least that’s good.


Today I decided to do the intervals on a bike.. it’s weird, doing cardio on a bike. I feel like I’m not working that hard but when I’m done I’m sweating. It’s strange. Anyway, I felt like my lower leg/foot was still hurting/sore/tight so that’s why I decided not to run on a treadmill for this workout. Plus I wanted to continue reading “13 Reasons Why” (review coming up when I’m done). I did the recovery interval at 5 level intensity and the high interval at 10 level intensity.

The core work was decent but I’m not very impressed. I prefer the plank work because I found it tougher and harder to cheat at. I bet I wasn’t doing the core workouts as intensely as I could be, simply because I was feeling semi-blah. I tried not to but I just didn’t feel the burn. Oh well.


So remember how I said I thought the ab work was just blah? Well, my upper abs are definitely a little sore today 🙂 I’m such a bad judge of workouts. Also, my glutes are nice and sore and I’m loving it – this could be from Monday and the bike might have helped up the soreness. I’m all for it. It’s a nice feeling, especially since the DOMS isn’t unbearable. I like DOMS.. as long as it’s liveable and just a reminder that you kicked butt the day (or two) before.

I totally loved the workout today! I was totally into the isometric hold set scheme and I enjoyed each exercise. I did 15 lb dumbbells on the squat and rows. For the hamstring curls, I had to do them on a seated machine because our building’s gym doesn’t have the lying one. I started with 55 lbs but added 5 on the next set and another 5 on the last set. So 65 lbs on the legs for hamstring curls sounds good for this. Also, the ski jumps are killer! Ooof!


I woke up too late so I didn’t get to do the actual workout but I did a whole lot of walking today so I feel like it’s fine.


The workout was awesome, I aimed to choose heavier weights and it went great – I really missed doing chest flies. I didn’t realize how much I liked that exercise, haha – random but true. Then I went on the elliptical and read “13 Reasons Why” as I did 18 min of steady cardio. I left feeling good and sweaty 🙂


40 minutes on the bike

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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