Five Things Friday #2

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Some things to talk about the week, and what better way than in a Five Things Friday post? Yep. Getting right to it. Things I am digging right now…

1. FitBit Ultra – this little pedometer technology is so cool and totally motivating to keep moving. It’s already changed the way I look at my activity level and I know I have already been moving more than I usually do because I apparently don’t move as much as I should throughout the day (besides for my workouts, that is). I recently read in one of my fitness/health magazines (don’t remember which one it was) that apparently, women who work out in the morning tend to be less active throughout the rest of the day because they use the prior exercise as a subconscious excuse. I know this for certain because I often think “I already worked out today, I don’t have to take the stairs.” Wrong! We have to keep moving all throughout the day and stay as active as we can to keep the metabolism up!

2. Gossip Girl – I am upset with Netflix because I have finished all of the seasons they had on there and they don’t have the 5th season up! I am dying to know what happens next! Ahhh!

3. The New York Times Magazine – My first time reading this magazine; a random lady on the train gave it to me when I asked her what it was she was reading. She was done with it and she seemed really pleased that I was interested in its content. I guess I really like the magazine because I read it from cover to cover. So many interesting things – I felt like it was really up to my speed. This issue was all about innovations and what the future beholds in terms of innovations. Some stuff was really interesting. Like this, what do you think about that?

Things I wish I were digging but I’m not…

1. Nearby Farmer’s Market – while they had some cool stuff (but surprisingly, not as much as I thought they would) I came in expecting amazing prices — that is not what I found. The prices were much more expensive than I expected and while I still bought two heads of lettuce, two cucumbers, and a pint of organic strawberries (simply because I’m bad with going somewhere and not spending any money, sigh, not like I have any to spend either. I just feel BAD going someplace and trying their food and then not buying it. I feel bad lol) but I spent like 15 bucks just on that. I don’t know, I just expected to not have to spend so much on so little. I guess you do pay more for quality though. Oh but by the way, I created a little fun graphic with seasonal produce for this season!

2. Not knowing where I’m headed in life. For some odd reason I became the social media expert and manager in my marketing internship and it’s been kind of.. well, boring, to be honest. I feel like I need a bigger challenge, mentally. I need to feel like I’m using my brain more, thinking more, coming up with ideas and solutions… Maybe marketing communications isn’t the field for me to be in after all? Or maybe I’m speaking too soon, I’ve only been doing this internship for a month.. Sigh, I don’t know, I wish I knew what I really wanted to do with my life. I’d love some input about this please!

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. I know so many people who have changed career ‘late’ or later than they think they should and often it’s been for the better. If you are feeling bored with your job, make sure it is really your career that you’re bored with and not just that position, because you may find a different kind of marketing communications role will suit you better (with a different company, in a different field, etc). You have all the time in the world to decide what you’re going to do with your life, you may as well experiment now while you can! 🙂 I don’t mean quit your internship, of course, but maybe look for something a bit different for the next one.

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