Five Things Friday

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1. My photography showcase for RAW Artists went great last night. However, I didn’t get the memo about being able to bring as many pieces as we wanted – I only brought 5 and ended up having the least amount of stuff out of all artists. Some people had like 20 pieces! I wish I knew. Oh well. I will post official photos from the event once I get them from the event photographer 🙂

2. I am so glad for being an email subscriber to Artizia – they’ve sent me info on their secret sale on brands that never go on sale. Amazing deal. I was excited and I walked out with a bag of some fun new summer clothes.

3. Forever Yogurt, a local self-serve froyo shop in Chicagoland, has introduced a Greek Yogurt flavor! I am so excited! The one I tried was blackberry flavor, it was delicious. I love that they are introducing even more healthier options to their self-serve menu.

4. Reading bar bathroom scribbles is hilarious. It always gives me a good laugh.

5. Chalean Extreme’s Lean Month (month #3) is so freaking extreme I LOVE it! So many muscle groups are being targeted at once, I’ve been feeling so sore. So glad I’m at the final stretch, I’m loving this one the most.

PS. Don’t forget to enter in my giveaway for TFX nonstick reusable parchment paper!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. bathroom scribbles are the best. I always find myself wanting to take pictures of them and then feeling awkward making the camera sound from the bathroom stall lol.
    I wrote back to one once about loving your body. It was a body hate one and I couldn’t let it just stay like that!

    • Good, I write back sometimes too. Not very often though, the scribble would have to be really thought provoking or just plain hilarious. I would definitely write back about something serious though.

  2. Bathroom scribbles are so entertaining! I’ve never written one or replied to one but sometimes it’s SO tempting. Congrats on almost finishing CX – I loved it, so glad to hear you are too!

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