Stop Judging Yourself for What You Crave

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Stop judging yourself.

Because food is neither good nor bad. Food is food and itis meant to satisfy us and make us feel good. There is no point in feeling guilty about eating something “we shouldn’t be eating” if it has made us feel GOOD whilst eating it. There should never be any judgment about what you eat because eating is a natural behavior that we need in order to survive. There is no point in pretending you don’t like a certain food because it is a food that is forbidden on various diets. Who cares if frozen yogurt is not actually “healthy”? If you’ve indulged a craving and felt SATISFIED after eating it, then why should you judge yourself for the choice you’ve made? Why should you feel guilty for allowing yourself pleasure? We are meant to feel good about eating, after all it is the one thing that allows us to continue being ALIVE and WELL.

One of the desserts I had during my trip to NYC

It is important to be conscious of what we are eating and craving. When you start feeling like you want to eat something, ask yourself what do you ACTUALLY want and crave? If you are really craving chocolate and go for something else, something “healthier” – chances are, you will not end up feeling satisfied. You will end up craving chocolate soon after. It’s natural. You have not satisfied with true craving therefore that original craving remains. It is common for binge eaters or dieters to attempt to stay away from a certain food when they are craving it because it is “forbidden.” They therefore often eat everything else to fill up and numb that craving. But chances are – they will end up eating that chocolate in the end anyway. Isn’t it better to just go straight to the craving rather than filling yourself up with a larger quantity of “healthier” food with hopes of hindering the craving? Don’t lie to yourself – LISTEN to yourself.

I used to eat yogurt and pretend it was cake. I would try to visualize it and taste the cake – you know Yoplait and their cake-flavored yogurts. It sometimes would work in the short run but after a while, I would continue craving cake. So then I would eat more yogurt to try satisfying that craving again. But a flavored yogurt is usually not enough to satisfy a true craving because a true craving is in the mind AND the body – you want not just the flavor, but also the texture, the feel, the smell and the VISUAL of the cake. Nothing short of cake will cut it. Yogurt only provides you with that one little thing – flavor – but everything else is missing. Plus, most importantly, you KNOW you are trying to trick yourself and therefore your mind and body know you aren’t actually satisfying that craving after all.

baileys and guinness chocolate cupcakes

Instead of avoiding and swirving around the true cravings you have, indulge yourself in them and satisfy your body and mind. The more you pay attention to how you feel and what you really crave, the more satisfaction you will have from eating those foods.


Just remember to indulge in a non-judgmental way. We are not robots who are never meant to crave cake. We are humans and many of us love cake (myself included). If you get a true craving for cake, don’t ignore it – ask yourself if this is what you really want. Will cake truly satisfy your craving? If the answer is yes, have some cake. And eat it sensually and mindfully – savoring every last bite. After all this is what you’ve been craving so INDULGE all of your senses in the experience. It feels SO good to satisfy your TRUE cravings, doesn’t it? After you’ve eaten and felt you are no longer hungry and feel satisfied with what you have eaten, whether it’s the full portion or only some of the food, be sure to SMILE and thank yourself for listening to your body and mind.

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Kammie wants to know:

  • Are you good about listening to your body?
  • What is the most difficult thing you face when trying to listen to your body?

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Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. I have to admit, I’m a little bit (okay, a lot) of an ice cream addict. When I get a craving for ice cream, it’s unstoppable and for a while I tried to ignore the craving and substituted it for something else. Doing that never worked out very well because I ended up eating more food than I should have just because I wanted to get the taste of ice cream out of my mind. Instead, I should have just had a small bowl and been done with it. I completely agree with you that it’s better to satisfy your craving than trying to deny it or use something else as a substitute. It just does not work, at least for me it hasn’t. This post has certainly made me feel better about giving into my cravings!

  2. Far too many times I have restricted myself, denied myself, then indulged or had something unhealthy and felt guilty. I’m trying to break through all that. I love cake (if you didn’t get that from the name of my blog) and chocolate. I beat myself up (emotionally) for wanting them. I feel guilty when I have them. When I indulge or overindulge I worry I’m going to get fat again. I have a lot of food issues I need to work through. In fact last night I was craving chocolate but had an apple instead. Did it taste like chocolate? No. Did it curb my craving? No.

  3. I love your posts about intuitive eating. It’s so nice to see that more and more former dieters turn to a more intuitive approach (me included). I also noticed when I satisfy my cravings, that in the long run I will turn to healthy foods again. Just because the body will not crave cupcakes and pizza all the time, sometimes all it asks for is a juicy apple or a savory salmon steak or those deep red fresh cherries I bought earlier. I still have cravings for chocolate and gummy bears from time to time, but now I am happy with a small handful instead of the full bag. Nice, isn’t it?

  4. This is the first year since… well, a long time, that I’ve really started just going with whatever I’m craving. Ironically, I feel FINE (and I’ve even lost a few pounds) and I’m WAY less stressed about what I’m eating. Isn’t it crazy?

  5. I think this is a very hard IE lesson for me to learn. It will take me a whilst to let go of bad vs good but I know what you write about it is so true.

  6. Beautiful post. I used to be this judging person and still are. Eat and feel guilty and judged myself for eating too much. This post helps me to see that judging is not the answer.

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