For Ladies’ Eyes Only: When the Mind Gets a Little Naughty at Night

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Man… my mind has been naughty lately.

Oh yeah, this post is for ladies eyes’ only. It’s so weird – when I posted my last ladies-only post about birth control, who else but not dudes who retweeted and shared the post the most. For real guys? Okay, okay, fine. This was an exaggeration – they didn’t share it the most but they did share it quite a few times and it’s like can’t you read it’s not for you? Jeez. Those curious bastards. Anyway, back to regular programming…

All about Sex Dreams... for ladies

Today we are talking about something many of us have experienced, many of us who look forward to them, but few of us who actually find them come true.

We are, of course, talking about DREAMS. But not just any ol’ dreams..

We are talking about SEX DREAMS!

*cue ooohh’s and aahh’s*

Man… I had the weirdest/coolest dream last night. Random, of course, but so hot. Since this is for ladies’ eyes only, I will tell you about it.

Sooooo, to give you a bit of a background – there’s this young and hot professor I used to have in college. He was totally my type – reminded me of the guy I used to date: hipster but stylish, liked the same music as me, intelligent, a bit awkwardish but in a cute way and I just really liked how he looked in general. Plus he was blonde. I have a thing for blondes. Him and I got to work closely on some projects so I got to know him a bit more but obviously nothing past the teacher-student thing. I did have a wittle school-girl crush on him. There’s just something about lusting after a man you know you won’t get. Hey, we’ve all been there – don’t look at me like that!

SO last night, out of the blue – guess who is the star of my dream? I mean, this is so totally random – I have not thought about this man in the longest time, I have no idea why he just popped up in my dream like that, it was so surprising.

My sexy dreams don’t usually focus on the sex part but they mostly focus on the storyline, the context of what’s going on, the fact that him and I are going to get intimate. The thing is, I’ve never been a super sexual person which I think is because of my lower self esteem and body image. I never really felt the strong sexual desire you read about in books (but I don’t judge – get the 50 Shades series here) and hear about from your girlfriends; and I can count on my hand how many times I actually came from intercourse. I usually had sex for the man’s benefit. Sure, I like sex but I didn’t get the amazing satisfaction that the man gets from it (not that they would know… know what I mean? *wink*) I would be too focused on making sure I didn’t look bad. But that’s another story.

Since my real-life self tends to be slightly more emotionally-inhibited in the sexual sense due to these issues, I never really had many sex dreams. But the ones I did have were just what I would want in real life – that spark, undeniable attraction, teasing, which finally leads to a loss of control and sex scenes taken right out of a romance novel. It’s the story and the build-up that really get me hot.

So now that you know this, I have to admit something else: my mind has been QUITE naughty in the past few months. Like, sex dreams are much more frequent than they have ever been in my life! It’s awesome but not at the same time, since I don’t actually have anyone to take that sexual frustration out on. But man, what is going on? Why the sudden increase in frequency of these mind adventures? I mean, they are so random too – where are they coming from?

I do have to think that this might be linked to my increased self-love. I have been working on acceptance and self-love the past few months since starting intuitive eating and I am working on being a better person – to myself and to others. I do see the “faults” in myself I didn’t see before and that I have always been very closed off and put feelings in the back burner, way behind the tactical, getting-shit-done kind of stuff. While I am and always will be business-minded, I have allowed myself to learn how to have feelings and embrace them as they come rather than attempting to stuff them away or numb them with food. None of this I realized until I began intuitive eating. Things are getting better.

So does this mean I need to get laid? Haha, I only wish I was that kind of girl. Except not really. I do have my morals and standards but man do I wish I could just play out the dream-fantasy sometimes. Thank goodness for my little friend, vibey. Hehe 😉 HEY, stop looking at me like that – you know you’ve done it and don’t even lie. I see you. I see you!

Side note: one of the things I remember him saying to me in my dream (so weird): “It’s not the perfume that is really attractive, I just love smelling the shampoo you use, it’s a delicate scent but it is the hottest thing ever. I love that scent on you the most.” To which I asked “How can you even smell that?!” Ha. Ha. Ha.

Kammie wants to know:

  • Who is the most random person you had a naughty dream about?
  • What do you think brings these dreams on?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. I think this is the strangest coincidence that’s ever happened… I had one of those dreams last night!
    I’ve had the same problem with lack of sexual desire and basically just doing it for the man (probably for the same reasons, less than stellar self love/confidence… same boat as you!) So these dreams have always been rare.
    but last night… man, and it was with my husband, but in my dream he was about 300 pounds heavier! WHAT?
    Seriously, my husband is a very attractive man, fit and healthy, and I love him that way! so I have noooo idea why he was different in my dream?!? (not that I would love him any less if he WERE 300 pounds heavier, just to clarify 🙂

    • Hahaha I laughed out loud at this one, that is Such a strange dream! And since I love decoding stuff, maybe it means that you are accepting everyone around you for how they are – no matter how they look because you know deep down they are amazing nonetheless. Haha, I can’t say I’ve ever had a dream like that where the person was a lot heavier though. That’s so interesting! 😛 tHanks for leaving a comment love!

  2. This is such an interesting topic. Although I am married and my sex life with my husband is awesome, I’ve had sex dreams about one of my guy friends. I’m not sure what triggers it but the dreams are pretty hot.

  3. I can never figure out what triggers sex dreams either and they are usually pretty random and end before there’s even any sex! Usually it’s about the build-up and the desire.

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