How To Get A Sunkissed Glow With Makeup

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how to get a sunkissed glow with makeup

How to get a sunkissed glow with makeup

It can suck when everyone around you is going on holiday.

You get jealous when you see photos of people all over Facebook or Instagram on their vacation, especially when they are relaxing on the beach or chilling in the pool. We so want to be there enjoying a long break too.

And it's so easy to get tan envy when they return with a sun-kissed face and body which looks amazing on those summer nights out. 

But while you might be too broke to have a holiday abroad this year, you can fake a tanned look.

And then everyone will think you have been to the beach and you will look amazing on nights out. 

You don't need to head to your local tanning salon either. Here is how to get a sunkissed glow with makeup that can easily be done before you head out of the house in the morning.

Choose a light foundation

t's so easy to pack on the foundation if you want to pull off a sunkissed look. After all, you might think the more you put on, the more tanned your skin will look.

However, by doing this, it can often look like you have a fake tan. So, if you want to really get that beautiful glow, you need to opt for a light foundation. It will give you a more natural look which will help you to look like you have been tanning on the beach all week.

Therefore, look in the shop for a foundation which offers a light coverage.

 And remember if you are opting for a liquid one rather than a traditional powder foundation, just use a small amount on your face. 

That way, you will look like you have a nice healthy glow by the time you have applied the foundation. 

Time to go for a bronzer

When it comes to pulling off a beautiful sunkissed look, one thing you definitely need is a bronzer.

 After all, it can give you a helping hand to a perfect summer look. You should opt for a shade which is a tad darker than your skin tone. Don't go more than two shades darker unless you want to have an orange glow.

And by doing this, you can give yourself a beautiful sunkissed look without going too over the top. You can always opt for a light shade of bronzer on certain areas of your face.

 For instance, you might want to add some to your cheeks or forehead which might have more of a sunkissed look than the rest of your face. 

Make sure you always go for a matte when it comes to opting for a bronzer for the summer.

If you go for a sparkle one, you are going to look too shiny for the look to be the real deal! It's worth trying out a few in the store first before you buy, so you don't end up with a bronzer which doesn't work for your skin.

Give those cheeks some blush

You will find that in the summer months, you will be walking around with rosier cheeks than normal.

That's because when you have been in the sun, your cheeks will go a gorgeous blushed color. Therefore, if you can't get any sun currently, but want to create that sunkissed glow, it's time to reach for the blusher in your makeup bag to give your cheeks some warmth. 

However, rather than opting for a red or pink, you might want to choose a burnt orange color or even a gold instead.

It will give your face a gorgeous bronzed glow. You need to make sure you don't overdo it with the blusher too. After all, if you add too much blusher, you will go from sunkissed to sun disaster.

Don't forget your lips

First off, make sure you hydrate your lips. After all, you want them to look plump and full before you try and recreate that summer look. You don't want chapped lips which will not give you that ultimate summer look.


Therefore, apply some lip balm first to moisturize your pout. And then once your lips are in tip-top condition, you can apply some lipstick and gloss to help you pull off a summer look. 

You really want to go for a pink or peach color to give you the perfect sunkissed look. For one thing, they will give you a great natural look which is ideal for this season. 

You don't want something too cold like a deep red or plum during the hot weather. And lighter colors can also help boost the rest of your makeup. So it can help your bronzer and foundation work to give you that summer glow.

And once you have applied lipstick, you should opt for a great gloss.

 It will help you to look glowing as well as hydrate your lips while you are out on the town. 

And remember to finish off with a gorgeous facial mist.

Make sure you put your makeup on first, so that the mist can work as a protector for the day or evening ahead. It's excellent for giving your makeup an extra sunkissed glow.

And it's perfect for highlighting the makeup you have just put on. Make sure you choose one that hydrates so that it can give your skin a boost to ensure it doesn't dry out during the day. 

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

How To Get A Sunkissed Glow With Makeup
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