Giveaway: LUNA bar is now gluten-free!

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This post is sponsored by LUNA, all opinions are my own.

Holidays are right around the corner and many of us might be busy with the hustle and bustle. I know I am. Granted, much of it has to do with the marketing side of things around Black Friday and now the Holiday season itself… lots of content needs to be created for clients.. and I can’t even begin to think about gift shopping yet.

Whew. Now just add the cold and (soon to come) snow and you’ve got one intense and busy season indeed.

There are some ways to make it more pleasant and/or more sustainable though, especially during the running around part and holiday shopping. So I figured I’d share some things that keep me going.

First of all – there’s the water I always keep in my bag. I don’t care if it’s cold outside or not, I always always need to have my water bottle with me. I drink SO much water. It helps me through and calms me down. I don’t know, don’t ask – it’s just something I do.

Secondly – the right snack when the hunger pangs hit. I like to stay away from gluten as much as possible, I don’t have any allergies but if you’ve read Grain Brain you know why. So the good news is that LUNA bar just became gluten free entirely! Yay!

Photography by Kamila Gornia

Their Protein line is already gluten free but they recently made the change to make the entire regular LUNA bar line gluten free also. They also added some new flavors. So this is pretty cool. But that’s not all, here are some more awesome facts about LUNA bars:

  • Low glycemic index
  • Made with 70% organic ingredients
  • NO artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives
  • Good source of protein and fiber
  • Under 200 calories

Exciting stuff. And So many flavors! 

Photography by Kamila Gornia

Check out this GLUTEN FREE GOODNESS! Yes! Make sure the regular bar has the pink ribbon that says it’s gluten free. Some stores might still be switching out to the new ones so you might find the non-gluten free ones still in some places. So just check first!

Photography by Kamila Gornia

Want to try the gluten free goodness? Enter in this giveaway sponsored by LUNA bar.

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Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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