Green & Black’s Spiced Chili Chocolate – Blogger Event #gbspicedchili

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I had a great pleasure to attend my first blogger event last night at Fabcakes in Chicago. It was an early release to some local bloggers of a brand new chocolate of Green & Black’s that is going to hit the stores in 5 months – the spiced chili chocolate. As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, I was very excited for the event and I was pleasantly surprised upon arrival. There were more treats to be enjoyed here than I expected!

If you aren’t familiar with Green & Black’s chocolate (I wasn’t before actually), the company is based on the UK and is now making a bigger presence in the US. It has all organic chocolates and it was the first chocolate to get the fair-trade emblem on their products. The chocolates are all luxuriously decadent and they go through months of trial until they are perfect. This chocolate is really something special. If you haven’t tried it, I certainly recommend trying it.

Upon arrival, I first saw that the different chocolates were laid out for us to try.

My favorite from these chocolates featured was the toffee! It was delicious with a little crunch. I also am so used to eating dark chocolate, every time I have milk chocolate it’s like ecstasy in my mouth – it’s so melty and smooth. Amazing!

Much to my surprise, there was also a little savory section with regular finger food which included toasted sandwiches, meats, cheese, quiches, and pates.

Can’t forget about the dessert table! Yes, it was spectacular. There were two kinds of fondue – dark chocolate and white chocolate, both of which were amazing. Some dippables were a variety of fruits and some salty snacks such as pretzels, chips, and more.

Delicious white chocolate strawberry cheesecakes. Very sweet but oh so good.

And a beauty of a chocolate mousse brownie cake… now that’s what I call decadence.

I had a few bites and I couldn’t finish because I wanted to leave room for the main act… the spiced chili chocolate! It was finally time to try some out, and let me tell you this chocolate is one complex chocolate. The chocolate has a lot of different spices within! Not only chili, but also ginger, pink peppercorn, anise, and more.

We were able to try some great wine, beer, and liquor pairings to go along with the spiced chili chocolate. I unfortunately forgot which wine was the first one but it was some sort of a red. The second was a delicious Holiday beer from a local brewery, Revolution Brewing (loved that one) and the last was with some triple sec. It was very interesting to see how each liquid interacted differently with the chocolate, bringing different features of its flavors and giving it different characteristics.

We finished the evening off with some chilled hot chocolate kind of a thing with a marshmallow fluff topping.

I went home with a big gift bag that I could not wait to open! I decided to walk home since it was only 8pm and I don’t live that far… I was energetic after all of the sugar and slight caffeine from the chocolate and some nice butterflies from the wine. Plus it’s still relatively warm in Chicago, at 55F, it was a nice 35 minute walk home through the streets of downtown Chicago. Upon getting home I just had to check what I got in the bag! And wow… I got spoiled!

Yes a whole bunch of chocolates, a hot cocoa dark chocolate mix, coupons, a coobook, and a gouda platter. Can you say amazing? Such a great early Christmas present. Thank you Green & Black’s!

Have you ever tried Green & Black’s chocolate? 

Do you care about your chocolate being organic or fair-trade?





Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. Everything looks amazing! What a fun event to go to. I used to love green and black’s chocolate but unfortunately it’s not gluten free!

  2. Wine and chocolate? Sounds like my kind of event! 😉

  3. Holy smokes that looks like my kind of event!! It all looks so delicious!

  4. lucky!! looks like serious fun:) can’t wait to try that spiced chilli chocolate!

  5. What a fantastic event – lucky you! Their new chocolate flavor sounds fantastic, too!

  6. What an amazing event!! I’m a fan of Green & Black’s chocolate – their flavors are fantastic.

  7. What an amazing event! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself! And that swag is awesome!

  8. My stomach is growling just scrolling through this post!

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