Green Tea Sugar-Free Popsicles

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Spring has sprung, and with it come delicious Spring cold treats.

I couldn’t be more excited!

Well, I eat treats like this year round pretty much but hey, it’s good to celebrate when it’s appropriate to eat it too!


We have been enjoying the outside SO much. The weather is still a bit up and down but the days that are gorgeous are really gorgeous and make everything else worth it. We’ve already had two days where it was in the 70s… the sun shining beautifully and high in the sky. What could be better? I didn’t even realize how much I missed this.

6 months of cold winter will do that to you…

So I wanted to show you some of my favorite sweetest treats. I was thinking… what should I make?

I went for making refreshingly delicious that’s a perfect RAW treat. You don’t wanna be cooking when it’s warm/hot outside. The simpler the better.

I couldn’t resist making the Coconut Orange Date Balls, I haven’t had those in forever simply because they are pretty messy but man, are they worth it.

Coconut shreds everywhere, what! Who cares – it’s worth it.

My parents and I enjoyed noshing on them with some coffee while enjoying the beautiful day. My dad cleaned though, haha.


Then I thought, something nice and chill to top it all off.. I actually bought these popsicle molds a while back and haven’t used them yet. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use them finally! So that’s what I did.


Being the tea lover that I am, I had to make them out of tea. Of course. Of course. These popsicles are therefore not only amazingly delicious and so so refreshing, they are also HEALTHY! Who doesn’t love a popsicle you can feel good about eating?! Yumm. I mixed two different types of tea for this one to make it a bit more fun but you can really do any kind of brewed tea you would like. It’s all up to you.

For this particular one, I used green tea with pomegranate mixed with a sweet rose tea. I added some orange Stevia to sweeten it up. Perfection.



Couldn’t be easier!


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Don’t forget to clean it all up after 😉


Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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