Have you ever been “food drunk”? + some Pakistani cuisine photography

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I am not talking about the common phrase “food coma” here. I think we are all familiar with the popular food coma experience, which is exactly what it sounds like – we eat way too much food and end up in almost like a coma, we get so tired and lazy and all we wanna do is sit/lay down and sleep. Or rest. But sleep, preferably. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had that happen to me (oops) – especially sushi coma (but they were always so good!) and the ever-popular Christmas and Thanksgiving food comas. But food coma is not the topic I wanted to discuss today. The topic I wanted to talk about is “food drunk” (everytime I say this, I think of the song “Love Drunk” lol not purposely, I swear, haha).

Last week I had a photo session at one of Chicago’s best authentic Pakistani restaurants, Sabri Nihari, and needless to say, one way to compensate was with their amazing food. I had way too much (but it was so good!) and the next morning I couldn’t stop thinking that I felt almost “tipsy” with the way I was acting and thinking after dinner even though I had no alcohol. Not sure if it’s just my memory or if I was actually acting that way but yeahh… I mentioned this to my colleagues but they weren’t entirely sure what I meant. Ha, nothing like a confused face and a nervous laugh to make me feel better about myself, ha. Well, they didn’t help. They seemed to have no idea what I was talking about and it made me feel like a weirdo and a crazy person but it also made me hope that I am not the only person to have experienced this feeling of food drunkness.

Mango Lassi – my first time having a Lassi! It was good! Light and creamy and refreshing at the same time

There is not much info on this on Google (or at least not on the first page… I didn’t feel like doing in-depth research here, haha) but the one fragment I did find about this states:

Food drunk is a term used to describe the physiological state of a person after consuming large amounts of food.”

Alright, so apparently the thing exists – boy, does that make me feel better…  I can’t believe I am the only person to be talking about this (or experiencing it?). Anyway; I get this quite a lot, I just recently started distinguishing this feeling as a sort-of drunk/tipsy feeling rather than a food coma. For years, I have been all too familiar with a food coma feeling and I began battling the food coma feelings after overeating. I thought that falling asleep is letting the food coma win and also making my body agree with the fact that it is a food coma. So instead,  I fight it. I stay awake. I pretend that the large amount of food I consumed is not affecting me. Except it is….

I forgot what the green dish was (it was vegetarian though), then the orange one is Frontier Chicken, and plain naan on the side.

The personal symptoms I experience are slight but apparent if you pay attention to them:

  • Slight coordination problems
  • Slower thinking and poorer ability to come up with witty comebacks
  • Boredom
  • Talking too little (or too much, depending on the situation)
  • Saying  too much (the next day, I’ll be thinking “why the hell did I say that?”)
  • Poorer memory from that time
  • Desire to consume more food even though I am feeling full
  • Blurry thinking, shadowed by the thought of food that was just consumed or food still to be consumed later, tomorrow, etc
So based on these… I’m really wondering if I’m the only weirdo out there that experiences this? It might be a part of my eating disorder thing I had and have been dealing with; a part of that includes binge eating and this might be the emotional/chemical imbalance part that goes on in the brain and body afterward a binge. Not sure. Thankfully I don’t overeat nearly as much as I used to; I don’t have the episodes the way I used to. I am glad that this blog has allowed me to really immerse myself in the healthy living and eating habits that I so desired and needed in my life… But this is a whole other story that I’m not gonna get into today 🙂
Definitely forgot the name of this dessert but it was amazing, it included some sort of jello, vanilla yogurt, and some other fun things – I know, I suck at describing. It was soo good though!
So… any thoughts on this?
  • Do you ever feel “food drunk”?


Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. I wonder how often I get food drunk (probably a lot) but I can’t remember haha. The pakistani food looks really good!!!

  2. How interesting! According to the symptoms, I think I get sleep drunk (i.e. when I’m really tired and need to sleep). I’m gonna pay closer attention to this now after I eat a lot. I’m curious!

    That Pakistani restaurant is definitely going on my list of places to eat. I LOVE that sort of food.

  3. I have been food WASTED. Those are some happy moments. Once after an 11 course meal I didn’t eat for a day and a half. LOL!

  4. Definitely the giggly tipsy etc. stuff!

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  7. All dishes and deserts are my favorite…….

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