Healthy & Delicious: Single Serving Recipes {eCookbook}

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Dear reader,

Let me tell you a little story…

Ever since I moved out of my parents house 4 years ago, I wanted to eat healthier. I also did not want to sacrifice flavor!

It was so frustrating when every recipe I looked up was created with a family in mind.
Living alone (or with roommates) and a limited budget did not put me in a position
to make big breakfasts, dinners, or desserts.

I just wanted some chocolate cake.
I wanted it to be healthy.
I wanted it to be delicious.
And I didn’t want to spend hours making a chocolate cake
only to feel tempted to eat it all in one day so it wouldn’t go bad.

Then… I found a solution!

Single Serving Recipes!


Can you relate to my story?

Whether you live alone or with someone else and simply want a delicious
portion-controlled meal, I’ve got you covered!

As someone who values flavor equally with health, I knew there must be others out there
who appreciate having an easy way to get all of the Single Serving Recipes they might
need in one place. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor. You don’t have to sacrifice
health. You don’t even have to sacrifice money to spend on large amount of ingredients!

Single serving recipes are created with a limited budget in mind!

You only need a couple of staples to keep in the kitchen and pantry and
you’re set to make wonders in the kitchen.

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In this downloadable instantly accessible eBook, you will find:

            • 43 single serving recipes that include breakfasts, snacks, and desserts!
            • A list of healthy ingredients to keep as staples
            • Mind blowing recipes you can make right in your microwave in less than 5 minutes!
            • Many recipes are vegan and gluten free!

Single serving Brownie A La Mode -- this is simply magical! I can't wait to try it!

Drool worthy chocolate cakes that can be made in less time it takes to brew tea…

Single Serving Coconut Brownie a La Mode... OH MY GOSH!

Beautiful flavor combinations…

Single Serving PB&J Parfait! This blew my mind!

Healthy takes on snacks that taste sinfully good…

Single Serving Pan-COOKIE (Pancake + Cookie) OMG!!

Breakfasts that taste like desserts…



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Don’t wait. Get your hands on this fabulous eBook filled with delectable and healthy recipes that are perfect for you at any time of the day! Enjoy!

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