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Hello all! Brand new blog. I like following blogs and thought it’s time I make my own that actually has to do with life rather than photography. This one is more relevant to other people that are in similar situations as me. Not like I’m in any particular situation… but I want to start blogging about life. So let me introduce myself really fast:

You can call me Kammie. My real name is Kamila, but many people can’t seem to pronounce it for some odd reason. It’s not that hard. But then that’s why I prefer shortened versions of my name. Kammie or Kam works 🙂 I am currently 22 and living downtown Chicago. I am a third year undergraduate student double-majoring in Psychology and Advertising (creative). I am also an Honors student. Yeah, I like to brag. I think I have this right, it’s not easy being a nerd in such a busy world today :P. I am also a freelance photographer specializing in portraiture, conceptual, glamour, boudoir, and events.

My mom is a total health freak and her obsession has turned me into one before I left home also. I have lived according to the Blood Type Diet and many many other diets before. Currently, I am focused on just simple healthy living with some splurges on the side so I don’t go crazy. I like to keep my food simple and healthy – I am a proponent for organic and natural foods. I love fruits and veggies. I am also a sucker for pastries and baked goods. I’m not big at cooking but I like to make simple recipes and I am excited to learn to bake! So since I live downtown and I am already in my 20s, I am also trying to update my wardrobe and style to keep my age in check – I am slowly trying to stay more fashionable and sophisticated rather than simply comfy. It’s a hard switch but it’s gotta get done.

So that’s basically me! 🙂 Hello!

Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. Do I get to be your first comment?! What an honor! Welcome to blogging, Kammie! You’ll love it 🙂 Can’t wait to read more from another Chicago girl!

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