Honey Szarlotka or Polish Apple Pie with Honey, Nuts, and Raisins

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Honey Szarlotka with Nuts and RaisinsIs it too soon for another szarlotka recipe?

Pfffft, please! It’s never too soon for another recipe of any kind!

Well, this one actually wasn’t my doing. And to tell you the truth, I would have waited longer before making this one but my mom insisted on making it. After we madeΒ Traditional Szarlotka two weeks ago, my mom got in a real mood for more apple-based desserts and she wanted to make another apple pie. Thankfully she was down with making a different type of a szarlotka rather than the same one we did two weeks ago. Clearly, the Traditional Szarlotka was a huge success and my parents loved it. That’s exactly the reason why my mom wanted to come up with a Szarlotka recipe of her own.

Honey Apple Pie with Raisins and Nuts

Personally, I like the Traditional recipe better. It’s sweeter. I think it’s because in the other recipe, we cooked the apples before putting them in the filling, and that helped the apples let its juices out – therefore making the filling sweeter. In this recipe, we don’t cook the apples. We simply grate them and use them fresh in the recipe which makes for a totally different experience.

Also, we didn’t use any regular sugar in this recipe, the only sugar is from pure honey. My mom has a love affair with honey and she loves using it in recipes. But the amount we used in this Szarlotka recipe is very minimal, making this apple pie much less sweet than the traditional (still reduced sugar) one.

Also, there is no crumble topping on this szarlotka however you wouldn’t even guess it! The apples are so nicely baked on top that they form a type of a crust themselves, making the whole thing just so delicious without all the carbs! Whether you like this recipe better or the previous one, any Szarlotka recipe is a winner in my book! πŸ™‚


Last Updated on March 29, 2019

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  1. I’ve always wanted to make a pie from scratch, it’s one of those things you just need to do!

    I’ll definitely show this to my grandma. She’s been cutting down her sweets intake because of her blood sugar so it’s hard to find recipes that sound appealing/without tasting life cardboard.

    Thanks for posting πŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous! I love how tall it is.

  3. This looks yummy!! And by the way, I love your blog background. πŸ™‚

    • Aw thanks, it’s actually going to change soon – I’m changing the design up soon, I feel like everything is too pink haha it doesn’t match my personality that much. But I’m glad you like it. I hope you’ll like the new one too!

  4. This looks super scrummy! I will have to look around for potato flour.. never heard of it before πŸ™‚

  5. Oh wow Kammie! This looks incredible! Love the height…and the how crisp the crust got! Gorgeous photography…as usual!

    It doesn’t happen often enough, but I LOVE being in the kitchen with my mom! One of my fondest childhood memories is making homemade caramel apples with her! Oh yeah, I could totally see some caramel action going over the top of this! πŸ˜€

    • Ohhhh yes that would be SUPER amazing! I’m thinking about making a variety with bourbon eventually too. I have never had caramel apples before.. or actually, wait scratch that – I did once. But it’s not a good idea to eat in frontof people (which I did), my whole face was covered in sticky caramel haha fail

  6. Ohhhh, booze it up girlie! Bourbon and apples…YUM!

    And yeah, caramel apples are definitely not something you want to enjoy with an audience…unless they’re all eating them too! Lol

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  8. Oh my gosh, that looks REALLLLLLLY good!

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