3 Ways To Add More FUN To Your Fitness Routine

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Are you stuck in a rut? Wondering how to add more FUN to your fitness routine? I’m going to share some things that help me get a little bit more excited to workout when I’m feeling down in the dumps or just plain ol’ bored.

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How to add more fun to your fitness routine:

1. Find something you did as a child that was active and try it again – for me this was jump rope and “guma“. Guma is basically a piece of elastic rope, I can’t really describe it in English but we played it in Poland as kids ALL the time, it was the funnest thing! You jump in all these different variations to do a sequence before you can move on to the next level. But yeah, anyway – the other thing I loved, that you are actually familiar with, is jump rope! We played this all the time too, coming up with sequences and games to go along with it. Since I had so much fun with it as a kid, it’s no surprise that every time I use it during a workout, I have a blast still.

Here’s a fun and quick Jump Rope workout routine for you to try. Make sure to PIN it for later!

15 Jump Rope Workout2. Wear fun clothing – Is it just me or do I automatically want to work out more AND have fun with it more, when I wear fun clothing? Just wearing something new is exciting and makes me want to try the clothing out. What about these awesome neon Puma training shoes? I usually opt for more dull shoes (I have grey ones and another grey ones haha) so this was a complete change for me. But for in a good way!

puma - fun fitness shoes

3. Try something new or a new location. When I get in a runnning zone, I try to do a different route every time I go outside to run. When I get bored with the same routine at the gym, I go ahead and try a new class. When I get bored with my gym, I find a free class that’s offered in the city somewhere through Meetup or Facebook groups OR I get a Groupon for a few classes elsewhere that my gym doesn’t offer. Keeps things interesting!

Puma Gear

On another note, Puma and Fitfluential were kind enough to send me new product to try out. The shoes I showed you above are awesome. They are called the Puma Formlite XT Ultra Fluo (that’s a mouthful) and they are very lightweight and offer good comfort and stability. They are the lightest fitness shoes I’ve ever tried on and they were also very flexible. Perfect for cross training, boxing, or another hit intensity fitness class!

I also got to try this awesome tank top which is super comfy and cute! I needed a new one, so thank you, Puma. You rock.

puma  fun fitness  shirtLastly, I got to try these fancy pants. Well, technically they are tights but I’ll just call them super tight pants. Puma calls them Performance Bodywear Tech ACTV Long Tights. They are fancy because they have athletic tape infused into the interior of the garment and therefore helps to maximize your workout and supports recovery. I have not actually worn these to work out because I don’t feel comfortable wearing super tight long pants like that. I wore these at home though and they were interesting. Quite a challenge to put on too, due to the tape that’s inside. I guess putting them on comes easier with practice, or so I predict.

To buy this Puma gear, check out their online store.

I want to hear from you:

  • How do YOU make fitness more fun?

  • What colors are your fitness shoes?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. I love number two. Without bright colors, I’m honestly not sure I could get off of my butt. To make fitness more exciting, I turn to friends. For a long time I hated working out with other people because I get so self-conscious, but as soon as I started working out with friends it got a lot more fun!

  2. i’m loving my puma shoes!! they are SOOOO light!! your workout looks like a great one!! love jump rope 🙂 🙂

  3. I love the Puma kicks, too! They are so flipping light. I haven’t worn the pants yet.. it’s too dang hot. But I bet they will be great in winter. That JR workout looks fun!

  4. I love your tips! Making workout fun is definitely one of the challenges for all those peops who start out in there health journey and get bored by their routine pretty quickly. I am definitely someone who gets bored easily, but I just switch things up all the time, I go for a run, I do kickboxing, I make my own tabatas (or use the daily hiits), I do different yoga styles (buti yoga is a lot of fun) and I take new classes to challenge myself (monday I’ll try trampolining for the first time). And if I am really not in the mood to work out: I just don’t force it and go for a walk instead, or use the time to read a good book.

  5. Love the color of the shoes! I like keeping workout fun by mixing things up, taking different classes and running different routes. I love doing high intensity circuit workouts because they keep you on your toes! I really love jump roping too, I always try and incorporate that a few times a week!

  6. Meeting up with friends and doing a workout together can be fun. I always love new workout clothes and new music is a must for me!

  7. Jump Rope is one of my favorites that are fun to. I used to do it all the time as a kid! Awesome workout!

  8. Great tips! I love jump roping, it’s a great cardio warm up and I am looking for cute workout wear too. I totally agree, wearing fun clothes will make your workout out more enjoyable. Great post!

  9. I love this tips really. Jump Rope is also good. Color of shoes are my favorite. This is amazing post!

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