How to Clean a Facial Steamer

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How to Clean a Facial Steamer

Facial steamers are effective devices that help you enjoy spa-like pampering right at home to make your skin look younger and glowing.

Whether you bought a facial steamer for home or salon use, it is essential that you know how to clean a facial steamer. After all, if you’ve spent time researching what’s the best facial steamer to buy, it is only smart that you keep it in good shape.

The devices contain water tanks that produce steam when heated, so if you do not clean the device well after a session then it will leave a bad odor due to bacterial or mold growth.

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After you are done with a relaxing facial steaming, the device needs to be sanitized. If you regularly clean this appliance, it will reduce the mineral deposits that can accumulate on the steam outlet.

Over time, this can lead to lowering the efficiency of the device, until one day, it completely stops working. Furthermore, the presence of bacteria within the facial steamer may result in bacterial growth leading to skin infections.

Cleaning your facial steamer regularly will not only reduce bad odors, but also prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Taking precautions will also ensure that your investment stays safe. In this article, we will tell you how to clean a facial steamer for the best results.

  • To make your facial steamer last long, ensure that you never leave water in the tank overnight; you must always empty the tank after use and allow it to dry
  • Refill the tank with fresh distilled water before your next session. No matter how well you clean the water tank, the deposits will eventually build up so we recommend that you run a water and vinegar solution at least once a month through the device, depending upon its use
  • To clean the water tank, fill up the jar with filtered or distilled water and add two tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice to it. Now, you can turn on the steamer and allow the machine to produce steam for about 30 seconds. If the device has an ozone light, make sure you do not turn it on. You can now turn off the device and simply allow it to sit there for 15 minutes for that the vinegar solution starts doing its work
  • Avoid leaving this solution in the tank for too long as this might potentially harm/ corrode the heating coils. Remove the water solution from the steamer and fill it again with fresh distilled water. Allow it to heat for approximately 10 minutes. The cleaning process should be carried out in a separate room as the solution releases a pungent smell
  • If you still get a pungent odor after refilling the tank with filtered water, repeat the process again until you reach the point where you do not get odor any more odor. Cleaning the facial steamer is a time-consuming process, however it is worth doing it to keep your investment from getting wasted.

Tips to increase the life of a facial steamer

To keep the facial steamer lasting long, you must ensure that you always use distilled or filtered water for the sessions.

No matter how tempting it might be to use the tap water when distilled water is not available, refrain from such practices as this can potentially damage the device.

Tap water contains harsh chemicals and impurities that can accumulate in the device and cause the steamer to malfunction.

There’s a reason why the manufactures tell you to use distilled water when using a facial steamer. The filtered or distilled water has been purified of any minerals that naturally occur in our water sources. These minerals will build up over time and damage the unit. Thus, it helps in enhancing the life of the steamer.

Another important point to consider when buying a facial steamer is that you always buy from a reputed manufacturer. There are several manufacturers and brands out there, so don’t choose a cheap product only because it costs less.

Read the reviews carefully and make an informed decision when buying a facial steamer. Always buy from a manufacturer who can provide replacement parts if required, or one that has a good warranty in case the steamer is defective or soon stops working.

Furthermore, if a manufacturer tells you not to use essential oils in the device then you must completely refrain from doing so. Not following instructions can decrease the life of your facial steamer.


Now that you know how to clean a facial steamer, make sure you keep it well maintained after every session as this will increase its life and keep your investment safe.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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