How to fix an RSS feed that is not valid? Or what I did on a “Snow Day”

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My RSS feed was broken for a week or so… therefore here’s a quick list of what you may have missed:

  • 3 Lessons I learned from Zen Buddhism – a very insightful post about little lessons about life that can apply to anyone, even you!
  • Currently: February – a fun little survey about my current favorites and whatnot. I bet you’re wondering what my current indulgence and excitement is, aren’t you!
  • My first day with intermittent fasting – how I did with the first day of this interesting way of eating. Note: I do not eat like this all the time. I have planned to do this 1-2 a week, max. If that. It will really depend on the situation. I am not binding myself as a slave to it at all.
  • Starting out with alternate intermittent fasting – in case you aren’t familiar with intermittent fasting, there are some great health benefits to doing intermittent fasts.

Thanks for your attention, now back to regular programming 😉

It was predicted that Chicago would be hit with a huge storm storm Monday night and into Tuesday morning. My school announced Tuesday a snow day even before Monday night came around. Why does my school always have to have snow days on days that I don’t actually have class? Second time this year now, for real!

Anyway, I went to bed fully prepared to wake up to a blizzard and a foot of snow.

…. Nope

Okay, I won’t exaggerate. It was starting to snow a little bit. Starting to. No big deal, weatherman, you were only 10 hours late on the prediction. Good try though. Well, it did snow though. In fact, it snowed all day. I wonder how many inches we actually got. It’s hard to tell when you live in Chicago because streets are constantly getting plowed.

Snowy Chicago

So even though my roommates had a snow day, I still had a lot of stuff to do so this wasn’t really a snow day for me. But I’m not complaining. I love productivity.

First, my old roommate, Meredith, and I went over to our realtors to sign our lease on an apartment we found and fell in love with! We have to wait 1-2 days to find out whether we got approved and I sure hope we will! I love the apartment. It’s an awesome 2 bedroom in East Lakeview/North Lincoln Park – the neighborhood is safe and friendly and best of all: filled with young people just like us. I cannot WAIT! Cross your fingers for us! We’re praying that we get it! My dad co-signed the lease so I’m hoping everything will go as planned.

After running some more errands and dealing with some frustrating people on the way (they clearly didn’t have a snow day either), I finally made it to work where I got to chill out and just focus on getting stuff done. My mood was lifted when we ordered I Dream Of Falafel for lunch. Seriously, that place is my favorite ever. It’s like heaven in your mouth. I am obsessed with Mediterranean food. So delicious!

I dream of falafel /

After work, I took a nap because I  got approximately 5 hours of sleep last night. Did I mention that my roommate had her annoying sorority sisters over with wine until 2am? Yeah, obviously they were enjoying their night knowing they have nothing to do the next day since it’s a snow day… no respect for people who actually have JOBS to go to. I couldn’t fall asleep until 2am even though I was in bed by 11:30pm. This is a perfect insert for “SHAKING MY HEAD”.

After a short nap, I went to work on my blog and I was took notice that my traffic has been much slower than before. I felt like everyone was leaving me and no one wanted to read my blog anymore. It was especially sad because I was actually pretty proud of my post from Monday about the 3 Lessons I learned from Zen Buddhism. I wanted people to read it but the post did not get very much traffic. Come to think of it… my traffic has dropped in general in the past week or so. This made me wonder…

I checked  my posts on BlogLovin’ and I saw that the most recent post was from late February when I reviewed the book “150 Pounds” (great book, by the way)! What the heck? I checked with Google Reader… same issue! What was going on?! Why were my recent posts not being shown? This is a big source of traffic for me and obviously subscribers are counting on it to get updated on my posts. So what was the issue?

I promptly email the Bloglovin’ staff to see if they could help, hoping it was an issue with the platform (this was before I checked with Google Reader). They said my RSS feed was not valid. What? What do you mean it’s not valid???

I checked the RSS/Atom feed Validator and sure enough, my feed was not valid. Not only that, nothing was showing up when I tried to access my feed. It was a blank page. I started freaking out.

After about 2 hours of Googling, I finally found some suggestions for improvement and troubleshooting.


How to fix an RSS feed that is not valid:

The first thing to do when your RSS feed becomes not valid is to deactivate all of your plugins to see whether it’s one of the plugins that are at fault.

You should deactivate all of your plugins and then active them one by one, while checking whether the feed becomes valid after each activation to figure out which plugin may be causing the issue.

If that doesn’t work, you should change your blog theme from your current theme to the generic WordPress theme: Twenty Twelve. If your RSS feed becomes valid once you do this, it means there was an issue with your current custom theme.

The problem in my case was the Advanced Permalinks plugin. Apparently after the recent WordPress update to 3.5.1+, some plugins were not yet updated to work with the new WordPress upgrade. So the best idea is to keep those plugins inactive until a new plugin update comes out that will allow these plugins to work correctly again.


There are some recommendations the validator suggested to further help my RSS feed but honestly I do not speak CSS language so I have absolutely no CLUE what any of those words mean. Oh well.

Needless to say, I can breathe easy now.


Have you ever had any issues with your RSS feed?

How many plugins do you use?

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. Oh geez, I wouldn’t have known the FIRST thing to do in this situation! I swear, I’ve been blogging for over two years now but I still know absolutely NOTHING about what I’m doing! Lol Do you use Google Analytics? I’ve been trying to figure that thing out for months now! *eye roll*

    Congrats on finding the apartment! Fingers are definitely crossed for ya…especially if it means getting away from flippant roommates!

    • Hahha it’s okay girl! I use Google Analytics sometimes but I mostly use just the WordPress stats, I find them much easier to figure out.
      And thank you!! I hope I get it!

  2. Whoa… you are so resourseful. I think I would have just banged my head on my computer. And ordered more I Dream Of Falafel. LOL!

  3. I don’t know what I’d do if my feed became messed up!! Kudos to you for fixing it yourself!!

  4. I came across your post while searching for Bloglovin RSS feed help. I kind of wish it were that my feed is invalid! My feed is valid but not working right with Bloglovin. Or, rather, my blog shows up with followers on an account whose feed doesn’t work and the feed does work on a second instance of my blog on Bloglovin (?) that has no followers. I’ve emailed their support and hope they can get back to me! Maybe I’ll go through and check my plugins, even though the validator says my feed is working, just to be sure.

    • Interesting, that’s strange! Try deactivating your plugins and then activating them one by one? That’s probably the first thing they will tell you try. Good luck! Let me know what they tell you once they respond, I’m curious and would love to know in case this ever happens to me too. Thank you!

  5. I just want to say you are my favorite person in the world right now! My feed has been broken for days! I have asked techie friends and hadn’t gotten any help. I was at the point I was afraid I was going to have to save my money and hire someone. UNTIL I saw this article. It was a plugin! Thank you so much, I can not express how happy I am right now.

  6. Im having the same issue. It says my feed is not valid. I have no idea how to deactivate plugins. I have a blog called The Mercer Crew and the address is but bloglovin’ doesn’t recognize it. Please help!

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